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NY CheeseCake – Feature Release May 2016 – Equipment Rental Software

This month, we’re celebrating new integrations, order-tracking enhancements, and more! As always, our goal is to make our equipment rental software a seamless fit for your rental business. Read up on what’s in store for you in our latest feature release – the ‘NY Cheesecake’.

Integrating LDAP Server with EZRentOut

EZRentOut also integrates with your LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) or Active Directory servers. Customers in your organization can use their LDAP credentials to access EZRentOut. Enable LDAP Server Integration from Settings → Add Ons. Note: In EZRentOut, LDAP Integration only allows your customers to access your EZRentOut account.

Tracking Customers in Rental Management

At EZRentOut we take pride in introducing features that focus on making you successful. An important part of it is making your customers happy. We do so by enabling you to better interact with all of them.

Cherry Sprouts – May 2015 Feature Release

Hope you’re enjoying the Peak Bloom this Spring and the colors it has spread all around. To make your EZRentOut experience more colorful, we’re releasing ‘Cherry Sprouts’. Here is what this month’s release has for you: