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Refer EZRentOut to your friends and earn $$$

Share the EZRentOut buzz with your friends. You will get a special discount or Amazon gift card when someone you referred signs up. Here is how the process works (see image below):online rental softwareReady to start earning valuable discounts? Simply use the ‘Refer friends’ option from your name on the top right menu drop-down and send an invitation email to your friend(s). See image below:discountRules
There are two options to choose from i.e. ‘Gift Card’ or ‘Apply Discount to My Company’. The following rules apply based on the option selected:

A. Gift Card Rules:
– The person who refers a friend gets an Amazon Gift Card.
– The gift card will have a value equal to the monthly package amount of the new signup.
– The total gift card amount is capped at $500 per person per year.
– The gift cards are sent out at selective days of the year (To inquire about your gift card’s arrival, send us an email at

B. Discount Rules:
– ‘Referring user’s company’ will get credit for the referral.
– Package amount of the new signup shall be credited to the ‘referring company’.
– Credit will be the maximum of referrer’s current package (monthly) amount per referral.
– Credit to be applied towards the referrer’s next due payment.

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