Maintenance Management Software

Maintenance Management, Reimagined.

Go beyond just tracking work orders with centralized visibility and control across all maintenance operations. Manage your assets, your team, and your time for maximum productivity.
CMMS Maintenance management

The next-generation reliability management system.

EZO CMMS introduces a key evolution in reliability management – for the first time, operational teams can ensure equipment reliability through more than just work order management. It offers centralized control over the other critical factors in the mix – your team and its efficiency. Grow holistic maintenance processes that reduce cost and increase your team’s operational capacity. Try it free for 15 days.

Reliability, simplified.

Know It All

Total visibility into assets, team and scheduling ensures fast, effective decision-making and more accurate forecasting

Empower Your Team

Coordinated communications and data management ensures peak productivity across all operations

Drive Success

Improved maintenance team performance helps your organization increase uptime, production targets, and more

Be Proactive

Leverage visibility into all work history to anticipate and prevent issues before they turn into major problems

Analyze and Adjust

Historical data and analytics provides the insights you need to understand and improve operations in meaningful ways

Reduce Costs

Advanced processes and continuous visibility ensure precisely timed equipment maintenance, reducing your overall costs

EZO CMMS: How it Works

work command center

Replace paperwork
with actual work.

One view of your incoming, in-process, and out-going work - to manage all the moving parts of maintenance.

cmms dashboard

Quick View, Quick Work

Less clicks. More results.

Click to instantly get a snapshot of any work item, or take a quick action, without leaving your dashboard. Then close the drawer to return to full view.

cmms work order

Unified work planner

CMMS work planner

See all your planning in a
single view

Manage and assign work orders for all technicians in the Work Calendar

Side-by-side, manage your unassigned work orders. Coordinate work in one place, so that no task slips through the cracks

Mobilize all work from one

Instantly zoom into any work order, and assign actions, without leaving your Work Planner.

Effectively deploy teams, increase work capacity, and eliminate scheduling conflicts.

Preventive Maintenance & Compliance

cmms work order
Drive efficient preventive maintenance workflows

Get the most from your valuable assets with preventive maintenance. Plan ahead for your maintenance with scheduled and recurring work orders, so surprise breakdowns never happen.

maintenance and compliance
Streamline compliance management

Assure that compliance standards are met. Track all essential tasks using checklists, and ensure that nothing is missed.

One System for Asset Management Lifecycle

Asset management lifecycle

Inventory Optimization & Purchasing

Gain full visibility into stock quantities at each location. Set low stock thresholds, and easily adjust inventory according to your needs.

Asset Tracking and Audit

Optimize the asset lifecycle from purchase to retirement. EZO CMMS features highly configurable, user-friendly workflows to deploy and track assets, as well as powerful reporting capabilities that ensure constant visibility and improve efficiency of operations while always keeping your team audit-ready.

asset tracking and audit

Intelligent Optimization & Reporting

maintenance and compliance

Complete budgeting control

View cost trends by source and work type for insights that enable complete visibility and control of your expenses. Understand what drives your maintenance costs for strategic planning and process optimization.

Your Report, Your Way

In addition to built-in reports - construct highly customized reports, displaying exactly the information you need. Leverage deep insights to drill into your processes and optimize performance.

cmms work order

Works the Way You Do

asset tracking and audit
CMMS Maintenance management
CMMS Maintenance management
CMMS Maintenance management
Define processes, configure permissions, and set up roles to match your team’s workflow requirements. Integrate with your organization’s key business systems.


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