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5 Benefits Of Having Reliable Equipment With Equipment Maintenance Software


Equipment maintenance is a lot more complex than it seems. The process consists of tools, fixtures, and machines along with a host of operational, managerial and technical activities. These include day-to-day operations needed to uphold the performance of equipment throughout its useful life. When you make a huge investment in your business equipment, you need to make sure that the productivity of this investment is sustained in order to compete with other companies. Events that interrupt or slow down the process of production weaken the competitiveness of organizations.

Using an equipment maintenance solution will affect three prime elements of competitiveness: cost, product lead time and quality. Machines that are well-maintained increase operational consistency and quality, hold tolerances better and help minimize reworking and scrapping processes. Moreover, the total production cost goes down with an increase in productivity. The lead time is also considerably shortened with the reduced need for retooling and downtimes.

Maintenance solutions were once believed to be an unnecessary expense that could be done away with, but that’s all changing now. Such a system will maximize the use of time, assets and power along with improving maintenance efficiency.

Let’s delve a little deeper into the benefits your business can reap by using equipment maintenance software.

1. Smooth transition from reactive to preventive maintenance

They say prevention is better than cure. It’s the same deal with your business equipment! When it comes to these items, preventive care is less expensive compared to paying for equipment replacement or repair. Companies tend to ignore preventive maintenance of their equipment after making huge investments in them. When you overlook small maintenance tasks like oiling, cleaning or replacing blades for too long, the problems compound and result in multiple issues instead.

Equipment maintenance software

Carrying out routine maintenance activities extends the useful life of machines.

With an equipment maintenance system, you will have a magnified picture of all your tools and equipment that are being used in all departments and locations. This allows the management to run effective preventive care and make sure the maintenance tasks are scheduled according to the standard operating procedures. When you don’t keep track of maintenance routines, you are at risk of work injuries, production errors and asset damage. Equipment maintenance software comes with email integration, auto-assigned tasks, equipment information, reminders and automatic triggers to streamline little but cost-saving tasks for you.

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2. Prevents draining financial resources

Imagine that the equipment necessary for running most of your operations crashes suddenly. Such an unplanned downtime can directly result in missed deadlines, halts in the production line and idle employees. In case of managers of school campuses, hotels, resorts, and other consumer-facing industries, their brand and reputation could take a major hit. The unexpected failure of equipment can easily translate into paying a hefty amount of money to technicians, along with making extra payments for the delivery of parts on an urgent basis.

With an equipment maintenance software, you can save your business finances for other important tasks. This software focuses on preventing equipment failure instead of responding to emergencies. Preventing downtimes is far cheaper and faster than fixing disasters. Equipment maintenance management not only makes the transition from reactive to preventive maintenance simple but also cost-effective.

3. A not-so-complicated maintenance request portal

Submitting maintenance requests can be a tedious task for employees. A company certainly runs the risk of ignoring or even overlooking urgent issues in the absence of an efficient system that gathers and responds to maintenance requests. Piling up unresolved issues can end up in real problems for the company.

A robust equipment maintenance system has a simple and easy to use maintenance request portal that enables employees to conveniently submit requests. Consequently, none of the maintenance requests are going to be missed and this accelerates the time taken to complete them. Organizations can take instant measures when it comes to maintenances issues, random equipment emergencies, and unplanned breakdowns.

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4. Keep moving with mobile access

When you are trying to make your equipment reliable using equipment maintenance software, you are not just saving money by simplifying maintenance. You’re also going mobile just like most of the developed world. The last decade has seen a major shift towards going mobile. It has not only had a massive impact on businesses but also their consumers. If your equipment maintenance solution doesn’t give you complete mobile compatibility, you definitely won’t have an edge over your competitors in the market since modern maintenance management needs to be able to work anywhere, at any time.

Equipment maintenance software

Managers can use this software to collaborate using real-time information.

Inventory management and equipment maintenance issues take place moment to moment, in real-time. You will be able to have access to your data from a tablet, smartphone or any other mobile device. It lets the technician access up-to-the-minute information, check equipment, and initiate work orders without returning to the office. Even a few minutes can mean the difference between smooth maintenance resolution and expensive problems. Choose a software that comes with a responsive mobile web interface or even a mobile app!

5. Easy and simplified management of equipment

Equipment tends to be a major investment for any business and it is this equipment that impels your organization towards success. Your business is able to serve customers, produce products and deliver value through these valuable assets. Your ability to deliver is highly affected when you have to go through equipment failure. It could be in the form of misplacement, theft or misuse. Save your company’s performance and value from declining by tracking metrics that make all the difference between failure and success.

An equipment maintenance solution comes with maintenance oriented features like work orders, access to images and meter readings, repair history, floor plan management, and warranty information. So you have at your table all that is necessary to make informed decisions regarding your assets and equipment. You will know where your assets are, when they need to be replaced, and when they require maintenance and servicing. And there’s nothing better than that!

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