Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

EZOfficeInventory FAQS Why Cant I View Items In A User Listing From A Location

How can I ensure Custom Roles assigned to a certain Location(s) are able to view all Asset Stock available at their Location?

Do you store and ship to multiple locations from a single central warehouse? Let’s consider the example of a large organization with a central warehouse from where it supplies equipment to multiple Locations. Each Location has a dedicated site administrator and while you would like them to easily view Asset Stock transferred over to their Location, you want to restrict visibility into the total count present at the main warehouse.

EZOfficeInventory enables you to do that and here is how you can set it up. 

In example below the Asset Stock, Cable Connecters have a default location, New York, where all stock is sent. 

A site administrator with a Custom Role of Austin Admin, requests a few units to be shipped to the Austin Location. This Austin Admin can only view stock at the following two locations – Austin and Texas.

100 units of Default AS 2 is transferred to the location Austin as shown as follows:

The transferred stock at Austin should be visible to the custom role Austin admin. However when the Austin admin logs into their account, they are not able to view the 100 units at Austin. 

The reason for this is that the Default Location for the Cable Connectors is New York and the visibility for Asset Stock listings page is based on the Default Location of the Asset Stock. 

Take the following steps to maintain visibility for the Austin Admin at his Location while still restricting access to the New York Location. 

  1. Create a Placeholder default Location with zero Asset Stock quantity. 

  1. Set the Placeholder default Location as the Default Location for the Cable Connectors. 

3. Provide Austin Admin access to Placeholder default Location. 


  1. With the Placeholder default Location added in the Custom Role permissions, transferred stock at Austin will be visible to the Austin Admin.

4, Meanwhile, New York, can still be used as a regularly listed Location to transfer stock as required and requested by other Locations.