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EZO began as EZ Web Enterprises in 2011 with a mission to build easy-to-use yet powerful cloud-based applications for organizations worldwide. Our team is passionate about delivering consistently amazing user experiences with best-in-class functionality and enterprise scalability. EZO’s products help thousands of organizations around the globe streamline operations in many key areas, including physical asset management with EZOfficeInventory, IT asset management with EZO AssetSonar, equipment maintenance management with EZO CMMS and rental business management with EZRentOut. 

Amazon, Intel, CNN, NASA, Harvard University, Buzzfeed, CNN, Intel, IBM  and thousands of other organizations use our products to improve profitability and simplify their operations. Our solutions are in service across a  wide range of industries, including healthcare,  construction, education, government, equipment rental, manufacturing, and transportation. EZO is based in Nevada, with offices in San Francisco, Boston, Austin, and Lahore.

The Role of Asset Intelligence and Management in Digital Transformation

Across all types of business and public-service organizations, digital transformation offers dramatic improvements to any team’s ability to achieve its strategic goals. Every facet of business operations presents an opportunity to leverage digitalization to increase efficiency, team communications, and cross-departmental insights. As a result, we see many specialized software solutions that address almost every critical business areas – from optimizing sales velocity to improving help desk response, from software application performance optimization to ecommerce profitability growth, and so much more. 

As a part of this evolution, EZO created the EZOfficeInventory software system, and pioneered the digital transformation of asset management, helping to empower all parts of an organization through a powerful fulcrum – the ability to simplify the access, use, understanding and administration of the business assets that each department relies on for daily success. Our centralized, platform-driven approach to asset management toolsets has placed us in the unique position of being able to offer operational solutions that are specialized for particular use cases and industries, but also offer the benefit of over a decade’s work and care crafting the most comprehensive and streamlined system for managing business assets in almost any imaginable workflow. 

The result is EZO’s set of extremely capable best-of-breed solutions – for physical asset management, IT hardware and software asset management, equipment maintenance management, and equipment rental management – which also happen to be the most flexible and scalable solutions available anywhere for any asset intelligence and tracking workflows. We are proud to lead the world in asset-first operational solutions, and invite you to try our solutions to see for yourself, or contact us to discuss your needs. We are at your service, and look forward to working with you.


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Clem Thomas

Administrator, Township of Hamilton Rescue

EZOfficeInventory allows us to focus less on trying to remember if our equipment is up to date with services, and instead lets us focus on our mission at hand. Our team, in its 40 years of existence, has never been more organized.

Helping Organizations Worldwide Leverage Asset-Driven Operations for Growth and Success

EZO's customers are everywhere in the world, both geographically and by industry. You'll find our solutions in major media organizations, healthcare, education, manufacturing, and so much more, across 6 continents.

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