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Ezo Article In Solutions Review Top Reasons To Invest In An It Asset Management System

EZO article in Solutions Review: “Top Reasons to Invest in an IT Asset Management System”


Syed Ali, the founder and CEO of EZO, contributed an article to Solutions Review, as part of their “Expert Insights Series.” In the article, he details why organizations should consider investing in an IT asset management system. Here’s an excerpt:

IT Asset Management in Solutions Review - ERP

Beyond traditional EAM systems, many organizations, from manufacturing and business to school systems, are implementing IT Asset Management (ITAM) systems and reporting impressive results in their operations. ITAM ensures an organization’s assets are accounted for, deployed, maintained, upgraded, and disposed of when the time comes. Simply put, it’s about ensuring that an organization’s valuable items, tangible and intangible, are tracked and used.

Many organizations have been using spreadsheets for different locations, devices, and processes, inevitably leading to unnecessary and costly problems: duplicated work, compliance problems, and uncertainty about hardware assignment. The lack of a cohesive IT asset management system has made tracking and tracing assets difficult to maintain in a consistent, consolidated database. Besides data inaccuracy, providing access to different team members for various spreadsheets is also a significant challenge.

ITAM is more critical today than ever before. Investing in a system that provides real-time data is crucial because it offers organizations like St. Francis School District the visibility and control they need to make informed decisions about their IT assets, which can significantly impact overall operations and the bottom line.

– Syed Ali, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, EZO

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