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Ezo Interview In Oem Magazine Enterprise Asset Management For Digital Transformation

EZO interview in OEM Magazine: “Enterprise Asset Management for Digital Transformation”


OEM magazine recently interviewed EZO CEO Syed Ali to discuss the impact of intelligent CMMS and EAM on the CPG industry. It’s an extensive Q&A with great information about our newest product, EZO CMMS and how it fits into overall operational strategy. Here’s an excerpt:

OEM: Why is the digital transformation trend driving demand for enterprise asset management systems?

Syed Ali: In today’s fast-paced and constantly evolving business world, many organizations are now recognizing the strategic importance of effectively managing their physical assets and inventory, especially since the pandemic hit, as we were all working remotely and managing people and assets remotely, too.

One of the key reasons for the growth in the EAM space is the increased efficiency and cost savings it offers organizations. With EAM, organizations can track the maintenance and repair of their assets, monitor inventory levels, and ensure that assets are being used in the most effective and efficient manner possible. This results in cost savings through reduced downtime and more efficient utilization of resources.

In addition, EAM is becoming increasingly popular due to its ability to improve the accuracy of inventory tracking and control. With real-time visibility into inventory levels and usage, organizations can make informed decisions about when to order new supplies and when to move inventory between locations.

More and more organizations have been using spreadsheets for different locations, devices, and processes, inevitably leading to unnecessary and costly problems: duplicated work, compliance problems, and uncertainty about hardware assignments. The lack of a single, cohesive system has made tracking and tracing assets difficult to maintain in a consistent, consolidated database. Apart from data inaccuracy, providing access to different team members across different spreadsheets is also a major challenge. Working remotely and the other challenges of the pandemic only exacerbated this issue.

As a part of the digital transformation that is taking place, EZO has continued to pioneer the digital transformation of asset management, helping to empower all parts of an organization by providing the ability to simplify access, use, understanding and administration of the business assets that each department relies on for daily success. EZO’s centralized approach to asset management has placed us in the unique position of being able to offer operational solutions that are specialized for particular use cases and industries, but also offer the benefit of over a decade of work and care crafting the most comprehensive and streamlined systems for managing business assets in almost any imaginable workflow.

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