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Ezo Joins The Discussion In Techtarget Article Digitization Sparks Growth For Eam Systems

EZO joins the discussion in TechTarget article: “Digitization Sparks Growth for EAM Systems”


Syed Ali, EZO Chief Executive Officer, added his insight to a recent article by TechTarget News Writer, Jim O’Donnell, as part of a wide-ranging analysis of new opportunities for leveraging asset management in the enterprise. The article focuses in particular the increasing value of integrating EAM systems with ERP.

With remote work, now there’s a significant concern about the ability to manage a team as well as equipment that’s all remote. You can understand who has what, when was it assigned, if it’s in good condition and [if it] has any tickets.

EZO can be used as a standalone SaaS application but can also integrate with ERP systems through APIs, Ali said. The main value is that it provides easier access to data that can help improve decision making around equipment.

Data has always existed. But what’s changing now is access to the data and the better use of data in decision making is the future.

– Syed Ali, Chief Executive Officer, EZO

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