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Ezo Makes Inc S Best In Business List 2023

EZO makes it to Inc.’s Best in Business List 2023


We are thrilled to announce that EZO has been mentioned in Inc.’s Best in Business list 2023 in the categories “Established Excellence,” “Software as a Service”, “Business Product,” and “Prosperous and Thriving.” The final list, revealed on December 5th, included 215 companies selected from thousands of applicants for the prestigious award.    

While making it to the list is a commendable feat, what excites the CEO and Founder, Syed Ali, and the team more is the reason we’re being recognized. Unlike other awards that are given to companies making the biggest financial mark or with the highest revenue, Inc.’s Best in Business honors those that put purpose before profit —or at least alongside it. 

Companies that were working towards a greater good and playing an active role in having a positive impact on society were amongst the esteemed honorees in the list—-a much needed move to acknowledge companies that use their capital to help solve some of the problems of the world and encourage more companies to do so. The whole organization is honored to be “put on a pedestal” for the right reasons. 

I believe that each one of us needs to play our part in making the world a better place and doing whatever it takes to make a difference. That’s the culture that we promote here at EZO and that’s always going to be a part of our mantra,”  says Ali. 

EZO was recognized for establishing excellence in both education and healthcare through its products. EZO’s SaaS-solution AssetSonar has helped K-12 education districts in the US efficiently manage 1:1 computing programs for increased learning outcomes. In healthcare, EZO’s EZOfficeInventory is being used by companies such as Ossur Canada and others to deliver prosthetic replacement kits to hospitals in time for surgery. 

Besides the utility that EZO’s products are providing to critical customer segments, the company was also recognized for its positive impact and contribution to society in general. 

EZO has sponsored 100 students at the Hope School in Pakistan, providing full tuition and has also helped reconstruct homes for those affected by recent floods. After providing financial support for the Hope School’s underprivileged children, Zubair Murtaza, Vice President Product, took it a step further and decided to help equip the children with knowledge of a sector that he knew best and is increasingly important for survival and success in the competitive job market —IT. 

A student enrolled in the IT program at HUF

Zubair was key in developing an IT center and equipping a computer lab for the children in one of the Hope School’s campuses. 

“Zubair – Vice President Product, on behalf of EZO, initiated the IT institution in one of our campuses to encourage students to develop IT skills along with their basic education. I was nervous about this as I didn’t know much about the sector, but the team from EZO stood steadfast and supported me in equipping a computer lab for the children. Additionally, they were providing free education for many that couldn’t afford it,” says Mrs. Lubna Shakoh, Founder and President of the Hope Uplift Foundation. 

EZO Vice President Product Zubair Murtaza at HUF Convocation

The Hope Uplift Foundation, also known as HUF, is a charitable organization with poverty alleviation throughout Pakistan as its prime area of focus – and education being a key component to achieving that objective. 

Mrs. Lubna, recognizing the need for technological expertise with basic education, has made it mandatory for students to be competent with Microsoft Basic, Microsoft Advanced, and gain knowledge of social media marketing, ecommerce, and freelancing to obtain a degree from one of the organization’s schools.  

She says that she is now striving towards building a bigger IT institute where she can impart technological education and provide greater access to specific courses. 

“The children and I will never forget the contribution EZO has made. Better yet, some of our graduates have also been given positions as interns at EZO – something that was unimaginable for them. I am very grateful to Ali, Zubair, and the team for their contribution,” says Mrs. Lubna.

Commenting on EZO receiving the award, Zubair says,

“It’s great to see that companies are being recognized for more than just profit generation. The mission of EZO as a company is to help customers reach their full potential through optimal use of their equipment – and in line with that we are also equally on a mission to ensure neglected or underprivileged parts of society reach their full potential with whatever we can give as a helping hand. I think wasted potential is a tragedy and the team and I will strive to prevent that as much as possible.” 

While EZO promotes heightened opportunity and open doors for the underprivileged trying to survive in a highly competitive job market and is attempting to contribute in eliminating inequities, we will also be focusing on other causes in the future —such as helping with food, medical, and shelter provision to those affected by turbulent circumstances.

 We hope to continue making a positive impact on society and continue making this a part of the ethos of EZO!