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Leap 24 Takeaways

Leap’ 24 Takeaways

Leap 2024 Takeaways

The largest tech event in the world, Leap, took place from March 4-7th in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia this year. There were hundreds of tech companies exhibiting at the event and EZO was one of them! The team had an amazing time meeting potential customers and introducing them to our state-of-the-art asset management and intelligence solutions. EZO’s dedication to making complex business processes easier was met with keen interest – but our potential customers were not the only ones who learnt something.

Our key players were in awe of the magnitude of the event and said that they significantly added to their “managing across cultures” abilities while polishing many other essential skills.

Leap drew over $14 billion US dollars worth of investments and collaborations in the public and private technology sector combined and broke its own record with a 25% increase in footfall this year. The event hosted 215,000 visitors this year, up from 172,000 last year. The success of the event significantly contributes to the Saudi vision 2030. Leaps plays a promising role in elevating the technology infrastructure  of the region and providing exceptional incubation and upskilling opportunities for the country’s youth. 

The dates for Leap 2025 have been announced – the world-leading conference is set to be larger than ever from February 10-13th in 2025. Saudi Arabia is now a pivotal player in the global technology landscape, with a transformational influence on the accelerating adoption and use of technology. However, do you know how to navigate the Saudi market? 

Our CEO, Syed Ali, has some simple but valuable advice to share with those that want to attend Leap next year! 

Local is the way to go 

Each country has a unique culture so while “remote” deals may be gaining popularity all over the world, having a local presence is imperative to navigate this market. Saudi customers prefer face-to-face interactions, so if you are thinking of inviting them to virtual demo calls – think again! It’s important to have your feet on the ground for success in this region. 

Set up a small (or big?) local office if you want to make it in this market. 

Remove language barriers

English can get you places and perhaps 50% of your customers can or will converse in English. But if you throw Arabic into the mix – that’s when you are really making an impression and winning hearts.

Make sure you have people on your team who can fluently converse in Arabic to make a lasting impact. 

Understand and target pain points

Customers in this market may not be your average tech aficionado but they know exactly what they need and the challenges they face. To nail your pitch, make sure you tell them exactly how you can help them. They aren’t in it for the fancy tech, they want to know if you can solve their problem. 

For example, if a customer is facing problems making procurement decisions, show them exactly how your solution can streamline this process. 

Turn-key solutions and seamless integrations are a game-changer

Many global companies may think limited integrations is a workable solution. However, in this market you need to have robust turn-key solutions that can seamlessly integrate with any or most enterprise solutions. This is crucial for success. 

So, adapt your product accordingly. 

Location is key, plan strategically 

Leap is a huge event and there are plenty of halls. If you want ample footfall, it’s best to be located in the first few halls rather than further down. Many visitors don’t make it down to the later halls, so to gain attention, location is key. Try to get a spot in Halls 1-3 next year for more potential business! 

That’s a wrap – pay attention to these small takeaways and you are likely to make a bigger impact. We hope to see you at the event next year!