Asset Intelligence and Management

EZO’s Service Credits Policy

Last Updated: May 20, 2024

This Service Credits Policy forms an integral part of the Terms. Capitalized Terms as used in this EZO Service Credits Policy shall have the same meaning as described in section 20 of the Terms.

Procedure for reporting Service Unavailability

You can submit a “Service Credits Request” at within fifteen (15) days following the end of the month in which EZO fails to meet its Service Availability Commitment. Your Service Credit Request should include the following details:

  • Date;
  • Time;
  • Duration; and 
  • Any other documentation supporting your Service Credits Request.

Service Credits

If EZO can verify and confirm the failure to meet Service Availability Commitment, you will be entitled to receive Service Credits based on Monthly Subscription Fee as per the following:

Service Availability Percentage measured monthly Service Credit Percentage equivalent to Monthly Subscription Fee for purchased Service
Less than 99.5% but greater than or equal to 99% 10%
Less than 99% but greater than or equal to 95% 30%
Less than 95% 100%
The above describes your sole and exclusive remedy and EZO’s sole liability, for a breach of Service Availability Commitment. The Service Credits will be adjusted in your future payment obligations related to the Service, and do not entitle you to a refund or other payments.