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Zendesk Employee Experience Trends 2023 Report - Key Impacts

Employee experience (EX) has moved to center stage since the height of the COVID pandemic, and with the critical operational decisions required by a sustained remote and hybrid workforce, organizations worldwide are considering employee engagement and welfare as a key pillar in their operational success and overall growth strategies. With this shift has come a vast set of challenges in building and sustaining cohesive teams, whether in education, technology, finance, manufacturing, or government.
EZO partner Zendesk recently published its annual Employee Experience Trends report which contains important insights into how organizations are thinking about and acting on EX, and in particular the roles that digital transformation and technology in general play in providing teams with the support they need to maintain high productivity in today’s largely remote-driven business environment.
This webinar will be a discussion of the key impacts and learnings from the trends report, through a Q&A with Zendesk Product Marketing Director, Summer Faruqi. You will learn:
  • Why EX is moving from the back office to center stage
  • How IT departments are retooling their tech stacks to better support hybrid workers
  • How team are onboarding AI to cut costs and provide faster support
  • How personalized communication can boost employee productivity and satisfaction


Paul Smith – Director, Enterprise Sales, EZO
Summer Faruqi – Director, Product Marketing, Zendesk

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