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Summary Of The Terms Of Service

Summary of the Terms of Service (May 20, 2024)


The following summary highlights key elements of the Terms for your convenience. For complete details, please read the Terms in full which constitutes the actual legal document.

  • Section 1:
    • You may access the service for your or your affiliates’ internal business purpose, but not for sharing with others.
    • If you are using the service through one of EZO’s mobile applications, the same rules as provided in the Terms apply.
  • Sections 2 and 3:
    • We promise to do our best to make our service available 99.5% of the time each month. If we fail this commitment due to reasons within our control, you can claim Service Credits as per our Service Credits Policy.
    • If you face issues during the use of our service, you can contact us at or call +18886238654. We will try our best to respond in one business day.
  • Section 4:
    • Your subscription will automatically renew, unless you cancel before the end of a current subscription term.  
    • We will not increase the price of your subscription during your current subscription term. If we plan to increase the price in a renewal subscription term, we will make reasonable efforts to provide a notice to the account owner thirty (30) days prior to the renewal.
    • Content that you feed into the service may not be available after the end of your subscription. It is your responsibility to delete and export your content  before the end of your subscription.
  • Section 5:
    • Our service is billed in advance and fees are exclusive of taxes.
    • Generally, all fees paid are non-refundable. However, if you cancel due to our violation of the Terms, we will refund any prepaid fees covering the remainder of your current subscription term.
    • If you downgrade an annual subscription, we will provide service credits in a subsequent subscription term.
    • If you are paying via card, you will automatically be charged in advance upon an initial or renewal subscription term. To prevent an automatic charge on your card, you can either cancel your subscription anytime before the renewal date, or provide a notice of cancellation at least twenty-one (21) days prior to the renewal date. For more information on how to cancel through your account settings, please click here.
  • Section 6:
    • You agree not to: use the service beyond your purchased limits, feed content into service in violation of applicable laws (such as privacy laws) or intellectual property rights, transmit viruses, resell the service to third parties without our written consent, use the service if you are a competitor, misrepresent, or conduct security tests.
    • You will ensure that all activities happening through user accounts that you authorize comply with the Terms and the applicable laws.
  • Section 7:
    • We will keep in place certain security measures to protect your content. To review how we protect your content please see Annex I of the Terms
    • To sign a DPA, please email us at
  • Sections 8, 9 and 10:
    • You retain all ownership rights, including intellectual property rights, in your content.
    • We retain all ownership rights, including intellectual property rights, related to the service, any improvements, your feedback about our service, and data generated from usage patterns.
    • Each party will keep the information of the other party confidential and will only use it in accordance with the Terms.
  • Sections 11 and 12:
    • If we make material changes to the service, we will notify you thirty (30) days in advance.
    • In emergency or urgent circumstances, we reserve the right to suspend your account without notice if you or your authorized users violate the Terms.
  • Sections 13, 14, 15 and 16:
    • Sections 13, 14, 15, and 16 of the Terms describe liability terms that can be reviewed in the full version of the Terms. However, we would like to clarify  that we have taken more liability as compared to the previous version of our terms and conditions.
  • Section 17:
    • Your access to the service on a free trial or a beta version is subject to our sole discretion, and any data stored in a beta version or free trial may be lost.
  • Section 18:
    • If you are purchasing through one of EZO’s partners, your billing will be processed by the partner, however, all other provisions of the Terms will continue to apply.
  • Section 19:
    • If we plan to materially modify the Terms, we will send you a thirty (30) days advance notice. 
    • You allow us the right to refer you online as our customer. To opt out please email us at 
    • We will send any important legal communication to the email address used to sign up for the account (account owner’s email address), or to the physical address provided by you. If you would like to send notices to us, our contact for legal claims is; for all other queries please email