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[How-to] Sign Terms and Conditions Agreement during Item Checkouts 

IT managers ensure that users are aware of asset usage policies by signing agreements during checkout. AssetSonar has introduced ‘Agreements’ for admins to ask users to sign conditions before the asset is checked out.

This is a contractual agreement that users must agree to, to ensure IT assets are used in compliance with the policies and security protocols of the organization.

Benefits of Agreements during Item Checkout

Here’s how your organization can benefit from agreements: 

  1. Security and compliance: Users fully understand clauses regarding asset use, security, and data protection before signing the agreement. This helps prevent accidental breaches such as installing unauthorized softwares or accessing restricted websites. 
  1. Legal protection: The terms and conditions are legally binding and cover asset misuse and breach cases. The organization is protected legally by outlining the terms set between the company and the user at the time of checkout. 
  1. Customizability: IT managers can create custom agreements based on the organization’s needs. AssetSonar helps them design agreements and add terms and conditions of their own choice. 

Let’s show you how to use Agreements in AssetSonar: 

1. Enable Agreement settings 

You can enable settings from Company Settings & AddOns → Agreements → Click on ‘Enable’.  

Enable Agreement settings

2. Creating an Agreement

First, go to Dashboard → More → Customize → ‘Agreements’.

Creating an Agreement

Then, click on ‘+Add Agreement’ on the Agreements details page.

Creating an Agreement1

You’ll be redirected to a page to enter details of your agreement including its name, action, and page layout. You can set your agreement page layout, size, and margin as per your company format. 

Creating an Agreement2

2.1 Agreement Template

The template can be changed and saved as per your agreement requirement. For example, you can define the terms and conditions that you want to be part of the agreement. To add, click on ‘Terms and Conditions’ in the title row.  

Agreement Template

An overlay will appear to add specific terms and conditions and also choose text size, font, and alignment. 

Agreement Template1

To make the agreement checkbox mandatory across all checkouts, click on ‘Agreement Options’ and tick the ‘Make Mandatory’ checkbox. This way, every time you check out an item, the system will automatically ask you to acknowledge the terms and conditions so they are binding on both parties.

Agreement Template3
Agreement Template4

Click on the ‘Create’ button on the ‘Create new Agreement’ page after you’ve formatted all agreement details. 

2.2 Actions on Agreement 

i. Activate an agreement by selecting it from the Active column.

Actions on Agreement

ii. Preview an agreement by clicking on the eye icon under the actions column on the Agreements detail page.

Actions on Agreement1

This will download your agreement to your system. A sample agreement is shown below.

Actions on Agreement2

Also, make edits to your agreement by clicking on the pencil sign, delete the agreement by clicking on the ‘trash can sign’, and clone the agreement using the double window sign. 

Actions on Agreement3

3. Checking out items 

You can sign the agreement while checking out items. After checking out an item from the Assets page, click on ‘Proceed to checkout

Checking out items

You will be directed to the agreement where you can view details, and sign before checking out the item. Once you have read the agreement, click on ‘I agree to the terms and conditions’ and hit ‘Submit’.

3.1 Quick checkouts 

You can also sign an agreement while checking out assets using ‘Quick Checkouts’. Simply draft the agreement and make it mandatory across all checkouts.

Click on Quick Checkout icon from the dashboard. Add items to checkout and enter user and location details. Click ‘Proceed to Checkout’ to view the agreement. Tick mark ‘I agree to the terms and conditions’ and hit ‘Submit’ to sign the agreement. 

Now, you are all ready to check out items using agreements! 

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