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Leverage Hardware Asset Management Software to Optimize Your Device Usage

Empower your IT team with unified hardware asset management software to help automate critical hardware asset management processes, increase their operational efficiency, and save on IT spending throughout the asset lifecycle.
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Redefine business processes and boost productivity

Get 360-degree visibility on the entire hardware asset lifecycle. IT managers can quickly access asset and vendor details, usage history, and ownership status from procurement to retirement - all through a single software.

Optimize inventory procurement based on budgetary reports. Ensure ongoing effectiveness with scheduled maintenance and service alerts to determine timely reassignment, recycling, or retirement of hardware inventory.

Automated hardware tracking ensures each asset complies with security policies, proper disposal, and retirement, preventing data breaches and minimizing risks.

Capture a holistic view of your hardware activities with KPIs and reporting on the dashboard to make informed business and operational decisions.

Improve hardware accountability with assets properly assigned, checked in and out, and used efficiently. Integrate with employee directories and access systems to streamline the custody management process.

Ensure effective lifecycle management of peripheral devices, particularly monitors with peripheral discovery. Deploy ITAM agent to efficiently manage monitors’ inventory, maintenance, upgrades, and disposals. Get up-to-date insights into ownership, status, and location for increased accountability.

Fully Integrated Hardware Asset Management Tool

Maximize ROI and get the most value from your IT hardware investments by managing assets through AssetSonar

Manage and secure your hardware investments

Accurately monitor hardware device activity, ensure correct ownership, and track usage. Automatically check out devices to users based on provisioning via MDM integrations. Send custody verification requests to check asset ownership and conduct custody audits to remain in control of assets.

Customizable KPIs and insightful reports

Get instant access to key business insights customized to your business needs. Create multi-format custom reports to track hardware-related metrics and gain full-spectrum visibility into Mean Time to Resolve(MTTR), hardware lifecycle cost, or asset usage. Take quick actions and make decisions to provide a better customer experience.

Comprehensive overview of your hardware assets

Auto-detect hardware devices and peripherals to gather asset data in real time. Run a complete scan of your network devices to keep your assets monitored and serviced at all times. Auto-assign imported devices to groups and auto-checkout devices based on data information fetched from integrations to minimize manual efforts and accurate updates.

Improve resolution times and rates

Integrate with Zendesk or Jira Cloud to swiftly resolve tickets. Streamline onboarding and offboarding workflows for enhanced employee experience and improved productivity.

Hardware Management Lifecycle Simplified

Align hardware tracking software to increase your assets’ lifespan and gain complete control of your hardware assets

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