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Number of Devices
For each Device, you can choose to track a total of 5 of the following in any combination: (a) Non-IT Assets, (b) Registered Software License Seats, or (c) Domains or Certificates. For more information please view here.

$0.25 per Device

Number of Registered Software License Seats
For each Device, you can choose to track a total of 5 of the following in any combination: (a) Non-IT Assets, (b) Registered Software License Seats, or (c) Domains or Certificates. For more information please view here.

$44.99 per Admin

5 Agents per Admin

License fee is in US dollars

Simple, Strategic IT Asset Management:

Simple, Strategic IT Asset Management:

Frequently Asked Questions

All you ever needed to know about AssetSonar.
You can add unlimited Staff Users on any plan. You can add 5 Agents for each Admin you Purchase. The number of Admins you can add depends on the plan you select. More Details
Yes, we offer a 10% discount program for all 501(c)(3) organizations. This includes all non profit and educational institutions.
NON-IT Assets: Non-IT Assets include items such as office furniture, Inventory Items, and peripherals that are not managed in AssetSonar via its own agent or integrations. Examples include keyboards, mouse, headsets, monitors etc. Inventory items are consumable items that are tracked in quantity, and can include cables, adapters, cases, office equipment that are not connected to the network.  Monitors detected via the AssetSonar Agent are considered Non-IT Assets.  
Registered Software License Seats: AssetSonar allows you to track and manage your licensed or purchased software, including cloud/ SaaS application licenses. A registered software license seat refers to the number of users that use or devices that have licensed software installed.
Domains & Certificates:If you are managing or operating several website domains, AssetSonar allows you to track domains and SSL Certificates in one place. For more details click here.
AssetSonar is GDPR compliant, which allows our customers to adhere to stronger data protection standards just by using the product to track their assets and employee utilization. This means that AssetSonar is not only GDPR compliant itself, but also enables its customers (as Data Controllers) to become GDPR compliant. For more information, read our blog on GDPR Compliance.
In addition European customers can have their AssetSonar account hosted on our European Union AWS instance. This ensures all customer data is resident within the EU. Selecting an EU instance requires contacting sales and may involve a license fee surcharge due to higher hosting costs.
Device refers to any hardware IT Asset that is managed via one of the following sources: (a) AssetSonar ITAM Agent, (b) Network Discovery, or (c) Mobile Device Management Solutions/Endpoint Management Solution or any other similar solution that AssetSonar integrates with. Devices may be referred to as IT Assets, Network Assets, or Mobile IT Assets in AssetSonar.
Note: Only Active Devices count towards your allowed/purchased Device limit. “Active Device” means a Device that is currently managed in AssetSonar. Devices that are permanently removed, or added in a retired state in AssetSonar do not count towards the allowed license limit. Retired devices that are re-activated at any time will count against the allowed license limit.
Admin: Administrator (or Admin) licenses are part of AssetSonar pricing. We have three types of Admins as listed below:

Account Owner Administrator Supervisor

Agent: An Agent is typically a support agent or IT technician responsible for responding to tickets and requests made to the IT team. They can view and take many but not all actions on items.
Staff User: A Staff User is typically an employee, student or end-user who is registered as a custodian of an item. Staff Users have limited access rights and can take specific actions on Items. AssetSonar offers a granular ability to define Custom Roles to match your team’s needs. The Agent role can be expanded to provide additional Admin function. Contact Sales or your Solutions Consultant to learn more. An additional per Agent licensing fee may be required. For more detail on roles see our Help article.
Write to us at with any feature requests.
There is no additional cost. You will be charged on a prorated basis for the difference.

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