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The Complete AssetSonar Mobile App Guide

AssetSonar Mobile App Guide

This eBook will take you through the different modules added to our AssetSonar Mobile App, and how the easy-to-use IT asset management software features can help you keep track of all your IT assets and more.

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  1. Dashboard
  2. Items
    2.1. View Item Listings
    2.2.Checking Items in and out
    2.3. System Details and Software
    2.4. Adding Services and Reservation
  3. Scanning Items
  4. Carts
    4.1. Taking actions on the Current Cart
    4.2. Viewing all Cart Transactions
  5. Searching for Items
  6. Bundles
    6.1. Viewing the Bundles Listing
    6.2. Taking actions on Bundles

About AssetSonar

We are a leading ITAM solution that offers businesses seamless IT asset management. It also comes with a host of other features like hardware lifecycle management, Agent-based discovery, software license management, scheduled audits, and insightful reports so you’re always ITIL compliant.

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