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Import Cloud Software Data From Azure AD Into AssetSonar

Import Cloud Software Data From Azure AD Into AssetSonar

Are you facing trouble keeping track of software applications and websites that your employees are logging into? If yes, then the Azure Cloud Software integration with AssetSonar can provide complete visibility into software use across your organization, improve cybersecurity, and help you stay compliant.

Azure AD integration with AssetSonar allows you to easily track the software applications your employees are using, you can accurately track how often they are using them and how many licenses are being used. This information helps you buy seats for your software licenses as needed, you can blacklist certain software applications and can get email alerts if anyone is using that blacklisted software.

Here is how you can easily import cloud software data from your Azure Active Directory into your AssetSonar account.

Table of Contents

  1. Pre-requisites
  2. Enable the Add On
  3. Import Cloud software
  4. Actions on imported software
    4.1. License the software
    4.2. Associate users to software
    4.3. Blacklist the software

1. Pre-requisites

Before you enable the Azure Cloud software integration, you need to import the members that exist in your Azure Active Directory into the AssetSonar account via SCIM provisioning.

Note: Importing members from Azure AD via SAML integration will not support Cloud software migration.

Once you have retrieved all your employee names and email addresses, enable the Add On to successfully import licenses.

2. Enable the Add On

Enable the Add On from the AssetSonar Settings page.

Go to Settings → Add Ons → Azure License Integration. Click on ‘Enabled’ and then update the settings.

Azure License Integration

Once updated, you will be able to view the ‘Add Credentials’ button in the same section.

Add Credentials in Azure License Integration

Clicking on ‘Add Credentials’ will redirect you to a Microsoft login page. Here, you can view the permissions required for the integration. You must give these permissions to AssetSonar so the system can fetch only the relevant information from your Azure AD account.

Microsoft Login page

Once you have given consent for the clauses shown in the image below, hit ‘Accept’.

Note: AssetSonar only fetches necessary information and our security policies keep your data safe.

The integration is now enabled. AssetSonar is now able to fetch your software information from Azure Cloud.

Pro tip: You can also select the highlighted box to schedule daily syncs and ensure that you always see the latest Cloud software data in AssetSonar.

See latest cloud software data in AssetSonar

3. Import Cloud software

To import Cloud software data, head to the Cloud Software page and click on Detect Cloud Software → Azure.

Import Cloud Software Data

All the software applications fetched from Azure are now updated with the latest information.

Note: You can view the name and type of the software along with associated users who have actually logged in to the Azure portal using their Microsoft account.

4. Actions on imported software

Once you’ve imported the Cloud software information, you can take the following actions:

4.1. License the software

From the Cloud Software Details page, click on the ‘License this software’ button.

click on the ‘License this software’ button

This shall open up a new page where you can add all the relevant details. Hit ‘Done’ once completed.

Create Software License 2

4.2. Associate users with software

You can also view details of all the users that are using a particular software. From the Cloud Software Details page, click on the relevant software and go to the ‘Associated Users’ tab. Here, you can view the users who have logged into that software.

Associate users with software

4.3. Blacklist the software

If you want to prevent the installation and utilization of certain software applications across your organization, you can blacklist them in AssetSonar. From the Cloud Software page, select the software applications that you don’t want your employees to use. Go to Actions → Blacklist.

Note: You cannot blacklist licensed software.

Blacklist the software

Once you have blacklisted a software, its status will appear as ‘Blacklisted’ on the Cloud Software page and you can receive alerts whenever your users visit that website. To enable this alert, go to Alerts -> Software -> Blacklisted Software Installations.

Blacklist the software 2
Blacklist the software 3

By tagging software, you’re able to determine any blacklisted software use and take corrective actions against it.

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