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Get Faster Actions And Powerful Control With The Improved UI For AssetSonar’s Zendesk Integration

Get Faster Actions And Powerful Control With The Improved UI For AssetSonar’s Zendesk Integration

The AssetSonar team is excited to announce the launch of its new, fully redesigned interface for the Zendesk integration. Over the past few months, we have listened carefully to our customers and conducted extensive testing to deliver an excellent user experience.

The new design is highly intuitive — it’s easier than ever to navigate the AssetSonar-Zendesk integration. You can access key IT Assets and take requisite actions on them directly from within the Zendesk workspace.

By increasing application efficiency, the new and improved AssetSonar UI aims to significantly reduce the time you spend resolving your tickets.

What’s different?

Based on valuable customer feedback, we’ve redesigned AssetSonar’s Zendesk integration to make the incident management experience more accessible, faster, and easier as well as more visually pleasing.

Here’s what’s new!

1. More visibility with larger AssetSonar app window

We have increased the size of the AssetSonar app window in Zendesk. The bigger app window enables you to view your information at a single glance.

More visibility with larger AssetSonar app window

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2. Complete item information on the home screen

The updated design of the AssetSonar home screen within Zendesk facilitates quick navigation while keeping users in the same window. Upon launching the AssetSonar app in Zendesk, you can now get a complete view of Item status via three separate tabs. These include Items Checked Out and Upcoming Reservations for the Requester as well as Linked Items for the ticket.

Complete item information on the home screen

If you click on the arrow beside the status tab, you can see in detail which items are assigned to the Requester and/or linked to the ticket.

see in detail which items are assigned to the Requester

3. Intuitive and simplified card design

Previously, the AssetSonar app in Zendesk only showed restricted information with half the size of the new design update.

With the new UI, cards display more information such as Asset #, AIN, Location, etc. making it easy to read and find the Items you’re looking for. Moreover, the new card design makes the Actions button clearly visible for simpler and faster workflows.

Intuitive and simplified card design

Users can also directly link and unlink an Item to a ticket from the Link(blue)/Unlink(white) button next to the Actions button.

Directly link and unlink an Item to a ticket

The enhanced interface also offers the ability to directly take multiple actions on Items linked to Zendesk tickets. These actions include checkouts, check-ins, and extending checkouts as well as starting and scheduling services.

enhanced interface

The ability to take multiple actions on IT Assets directly from within Zendesk boosts productivity for Admins and Agents as it makes workflows more convenient and efficient.

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4. Enhanced search with filters

Offering powerful search capabilities, the new design includes a clearly visible search button at the bottom of the AssetSonar window. Now users don’t have to scroll down to access the search button. The button can be used to look for any Item within the organization — regardless of whether it is checked out to the Requester or not.

Enhanced search with filters

For quick and refined Item search, users can also apply filters as shown.

quick and refined Item search

You can apply filters on the following data values:

You can apply filters

The new filters enable users in Zendesk to run a granular search with a preset Available Items filter on the side. Let’s say, an IT Admin wants to search for different laptops at a particular location, however, they only want to see the available laptops. After typing in ‘laptop’ in the search bar, the IT Admin can easily click on ‘Available Items’ to see the required results:

enable users in Zendesk

5. Updated warning screen

The new warning screen offers a new functionality with respect to the Reporters:

Updated warning screen

If the email of a ticket’s Requester is not found in AssetSonar, you get redirected to the Member Listings page in AssetSonar. From here, you can add details of the missing Requester (Member) and get back to populating the Zendesk ticket.

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