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[How to] Mass Deploy the AssetSonar Agent Using Microsoft Intune

Mass Deploy the AssetSonar Agent Using Microsoft Intune

The AssetSonar team has prepared a helpful guide that you can use for mass deploying the AssetSonar Agent on your Windows devices if you use Microsoft Intune as a mobile device management solution.

Follow the given instructions to get started:

  1. Request a pre-configured Windows ITAM Agent MSI from our team by emailing us at
  2. Now, head to your Microsoft Manager Endpoint Admin Center, go to Apps → All Apps, and click on the ‘+Add’ button.

3. This pops open a dialog on the right side of the screen. Choose ‘Line-of-business app’ as the App Type and hit ‘Select’.

Note: Please make sure that you always choose ‘Line-of-business app’ as AssetSonar only provides the files with (.msi) & (.pkg) extension for Windows & macOS devices respectively.

4. After you’ve selected the App Type, a new page opens up. Here, click on the ‘Select app package file’ button in the App Information tab.

5. Then, in the App package file dialog box that appears on the right, select the Microsoft Intune file, and click ‘OK’.

6. Add AssetSonar as publisher, set App Install Context to device and for Silent Install on the target machine, use the MSI Installer switches /norestart /qn.

7. You can decide which users or machines you want to deploy the AssetSonar Agent on. In this scenario, we’ll select ‘Add All Users’ and ‘Add All Devices’ as shown below:

8. In the Review + Create tab, click ‘Create’ to complete the app setup.

9. You will be notified when the app is created successfully.

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