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AssetSonar Release Notes May 2021

AssetSonar Release Notes May 2021

At AssetSonar, we believe in being responsive to our customers’ needs and offering them exceptional and secure IT asset management. Our team has been working tirelessly to develop integrations and features that create value and facilitate seamless operations for IT-intensive organizations.

Read the complete May 2021 Release Notes to get up to speed with our product enhancements that range from our integration with Zendesk Help Center to the newly introduced Agent role, cloud software license entitlements, and streamlined cost management processes.

  1. Zendesk Help Center integration

The AssetSonar team is thrilled to announce its integration with the Zendesk Help Center that streamlines your request management workflows. It enables you to easily access IT Assets that are checked out to Requesters and link them to respective tickets — thereby reducing ticket processing time, accelerating service delivery, and ensuring a seamless Agent and end-user experience.

2. Agent role

Our newly introduced Agent role facilitates employees in your IT team to swiftly respond to tickets and requests made within the Zendesk and Jira workspaces. Agents get complete control of operational modules within AssetSonar including Carts, Recurring Services, and Work Orders, etc. They can also view relevant hardware and software assets and take actions (except Create, Update, and Delete) on them for seamless issue resolution.

3. Cloud software license entitlements

Centralize management of your Cloud software data with AssetSonar. You can now assign and unassign license seats to software imported from Okta and Google Workspace. Augment your license management practices by tracking the financials and contractual obligations of cloud-based software assets.

4. Work Order Costs

Simplify tracking of your ITSM budget with Work Order Costs by keeping tabs on the cost of labor, consumables, and time associated with individual Work Orders. Optimize your cost management processes and meet the targeted KPIs as needed.

5. Feature enhancements

We’re constantly developing our ITAM solution to offer you the best in the market. Our recent feature enhancements include filtered search on Item Listing pages for quick and focused data view, daily syncs with G Suite User Directory for updated member information, Purchase Orders for streamlined procurement of software licenses, and simplified software license entitlements.

What’s Next?

We also have some exciting features lined up for you in the upcoming quarter.

1. Network Discovery integration

AssetSonar’s Network Discovery integration will help you detect, track, and map all the IT Assets running on your organization’s network or IP subnets. You’ll be able to create a detailed inventory of your network devices by running a single discovery or scheduling automated discovery jobs that can identify new devices as they’re added to the network.

2. Relationship management

With relationship management, you’ll be able to track and visualize the logical relationships and operational links between Items and all other modules in AssetSonar. It’ll allow you to conduct root cause analyses in case of problems and assess impact with respect to changes and initiatives made in the IT environment of your company.

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