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What Is Auto Discovery?

What Is Auto Discovery

The basics of Auto-discovery

Businesses today are continually expanding and their networks becoming more and more complex. Such large corporate networks call for a diversified asset base for optimal functioning. Whether it is tangible or IT assets, organizations need to keep track of the myriad of items they use on a daily basis.

Many even deploy cloud-based and virtual enterprise systems to facilitate business tasks. Operating in the cloud, these systems are even harder to trace. This issue is further aggravated by the new Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy.

When employees bring their own computer devices to work, many of these remain unaccounted for by the company database. Add to this that these devices keep disconnecting and reconnecting to the main IT network.

For this reason, it is important to have such ghost assets registered in the official database. If not monitored, these devices become vulnerable to cyber attacks that put sensitive company data at risk. This makes it crucial for businesses to opt for a dedicated asset management system that improves the visibility of cloud-based assets.

Many IT asset management systems come equipped with an auto asset discovery feature. This lets you detect all the computer devices whose agent information has been installed into the system, whether or not such devices are connected with your corporate network at a certain time. Auto-discovery also allows you to monitor IP-enabled devices that share data across the corporate network.

You can even discover the kinds of software services installed on these devices. An IT asset management system also shows the configuration details of every IT component and whether the asset is prone to malware. A complete scan of your network with auto-discovery also allows you to identify the version and vendor of a specific software used within the organization.

A cloud-based auto asset discovery solution automatically updates the records of your IT assets as soon as it discovers them. With a well-grounded knowledge of your assets and their functions, call out data breaches as soon as they happen and make informed decisions swiftly.

What you can do with auto asset discovery

IT assets are used by nearly all departments of a business to carry out daily business tasks, be it bookkeeping or reaching out to your customers. To streamline your daily operations, it is crucial to keep your IT equipment monitored and serviced at all times.

Manually tracking hardware and software assets is an absolute no-go. It has unnecessary workflows and is time-consuming. For this reason, many companies now use auto-discovery solutions to gather asset data in the blink of an eye.

It allows you to keep tabs on the operational status of your equipment and schedule service sessions and upgrades as needed. Auto-discovery solutions come saddled with multiple features to iron out your business workflow. Here are a couple of functions you can carry out by deploying auto asset discovery.

1. Manage IT inventories

Manage IT inventories

Auto-discovery solution allows you to run inventory level checks. All you need to do is scan the item label of an inventory item. The system will then pull up the status and the remaining quantity of the said item. With all your IT assets clocked into the database, you can set minimum threshold levels for each IT asset stock.

The system duly alerts you to replenish your stock when it reaches the threshold level so you never run out of your IT resources.

2. Allocate IT assets to employees

Regular scans by auto-discovery solution identify the current usage status of each IT asset. Most auto-discovery systems come with a dashboard availability calendar. It displays whether an IT asset has been reserved for a business task, is scheduled for repair, or is available for use by an employee.

An updated overview of your IT assets helps you allocate the right resources at the right time, and prevents costly delays in business activities.

3. Track asset location

An auto-discovery solution automatically updates the location of your IT assets as they are moved across different business locations. This comes in super handy for tracking mobile assets like smartphones and laptops that move along with the employees who use them.

Keeping a trail of IT asset movements lowers instances of theft and misplacement, and keeps your assets and data secure.

4. Renew licenses and warranties

An auto-discovery solution allows you to manage the license and warranty life cycle of your IT assets. It automatically notifies you to apply for license and warranty renewals before the warranty period ends. This also proves of significant help when it comes to hardware and software budgeting for renewals.

Building a case for asset discovery — Why does your business need it?

The digital environment is evolving at a fast pace and IT assets are becoming increasingly complex to use and manage. A business that deals with diverse IT assets, therefore, needs a robust system to discover, manage and secure these assets.

One of the easiest wins you can get under these challenging circumstances is to invest in a dedicated auto-discovery solution.

Here is why you should do it.

1. It offers you useful insights

It offers you useful insights

With auto-discovery, you have comprehensive knowledge of the utilization patterns of your IT assets. Your asset database is always updated and you know which assets provide better ROI. Consequently, information on asset utilization and performance helps you make better decisions when it comes to resource allocation.

If a certain asset does not perform up to your expectations, you can modify how you use it in your workflow.

2. It makes your financials more visible

Suppose your senior management specified a budget of $10,000 for IT assets. How would you know that this money is being used the right way? Automated scans with auto-discovery systems identify the hardware and software assets your business is currently using.

They also pull up purchase details and the installation and operating costs of these assets. You can tally these costs with the stipulated budget to account for your financial requirements. With auto-discovery, know how your assets perform and if your investments are getting you the right returns.

3. It guards your data in the cloud

As businesses grow and start using powerful new applications, IT devices need to be upgraded. The continual upgrade process may bleed into significant data loss if your asset information is not backed up properly.

This isn’t a problem with management systems that support auto-discovery as these offer automatic data backups to the digital cloud. Keep your company information guarded while you switch between systems or upgrade to the latest versions.

4. It helps you comply with regulatory authorities

With an auto-discovery system, you can closely monitor all requirements regarding software upgrades, installations, and renewals. Timely upgrades and warranty renewals translate into compliance with regulatory authorities.

This protects you from hefty lawsuits and a tarnished brand image that often results from delayed license renewals.

Auto-discovery helps you cement a robust IT structure

Auto-discovery helps you cement a robust IT structure

Tapping into new asset management practices gives businesses a chance to fuel growth and improve performance. Auto-discovery is a similar asset management practice that gives you access to updated IT information. It helps you establish a robust IT network that is guarded against data breaches and potential litigation and helps uncover ghost IT assets.

You can update asset information with a simple scan of item labels. Updated asset data allows you to run reports on the performance of your assets and make educated business decisions. Auto-discovery solution also allows you to run audits on your hardware and software assets and secure all loose ends in a timely manner.

Enjoy a comprehensive overview of all your IT resources so you rule the roost over your resources and operations.

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