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[How-to] Localize AssetSonar Application in your Zendesk Account 

[How-to] Localize AssetSonar Application in your Zendesk Account 

As organizations expand to locations beyond their native language borders, the ability to seamlessly communicate and engage with cross-location teams becomes crucial for smooth operations. The AssetSonar application can now be translated in your Zendesk account to help teams easily understand ticket information and expedite the process. 

1. Benefits of localizing AssetSonar application

  • Improved workflow: Team members using the application in their preferred language can better understand ticket details and complete the tasks required within time. 
  • Efficient collaboration: Multiple cross-location-based teams working on the same ticket can access and understand localized tools and resources for efficient and productive collaboration. 
  • Easy access: Localized settings make the application more accessible for users. They are comfortable using the application because the interface is easily understandable. 

Let’s get you started on how to translate the AssetSonar application in Zendesk: 

2. Select your preferred language 

In your Zendesk support account, click on the user icon and click ‘View profile’ from the dropdown. 

select your preferred language

From the sidebar, go to Language and select French – francais. 

Select your preferred language1

Now, refresh the page to view the application in French language. 

Select your preferred language2

3. Translated content for the AssetSonar application 

When you access ticket details and click Applications, the AssetSonar application is now translated into French. 

3.1. Item details 

Let’s take an example of a broken laptop screen ticket. The options on the AssetSonar application such as out-of-stock, upcoming items reservations, linked items, or linked purchase orders are translated into French. The action buttons – ‘Keep ticket open’ and ‘Send as opened’ are also translated. 

Item details

When you check details under the ‘Out of stock’ option, the asset field names such as Asset #, AIN, and Location are also in French. 

You can extend checkout, start, or schedule service on assets from the action dropdown options available in French. 

Item details2

Note: The Asset name is not translated into French. 

3.2. Other details 

All options under related equipment details are also translated into French language. 

Other details

Similarly, all other options except number fields such as the date on which the laptop was out of stock are also translated.

Other details 1

By following these simple steps, you can easily translate AssetSonar application into French, enabling higher accessibility and smoother operations. 

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Currently, the AssetSonar application can only be translated into French in Zendesk. For more language options, drop us an email at

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