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Transforming K-12 learning with smarter IT asset management

K-12 school districts are responsible for thousands of IT assets, ranging from Chromebooks to educational software. According to a recent report, the usage of educational technology in schools has increased by 99% since 2020. This surge in technology adoption in K-12 schools has highlighted a lot of asset management challenges for IT professionals and administrators. From tight budget constraints to complex device deployments, IT teams have to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of educational technology.
Smart ITAM practices can make it easier to track technology in K-12 environments – making asset monitoring more accurate, aefficient, and cost-effective. Discover how purpose-built ITAM can help IT administrators make the most of their limited budgets, while effectively providing the students the tools they need to succeed.
In this eBook, you’ll learn:
  • Current IT asset management challenges
  • ITAM use cases in K-12 school districts
Are you looking for ways to reduce your asset loss and theft? Want to maximize ROI on your educational technology?

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