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AssetSonar FAQS Can I Sync Devices Individually For Updates

Can I sync Devices individually for updates?

Yes, AssetSonar gives you the ability to sync your Devices with and update their associated details by pressing the ‘Sync’ button. 

Go to Items → Assets and open the Details page of the relevant Device. 

Now, select the ‘More’ option and click on ‘Sync Now’ as indicated below.

Please note Admins and Agents can sync all the Devices they can view. However, Staff Users can only sync Devices that are assigned to them.

In case previously retired assets in AssetSonar are discovered again through sync, AssetSonar makes those devices available again. Go to Company settings & Add Ons →ITAM Discovery Agent and check the box for ‘Make Retired Devices Available if Discovered Again’ setting to enable this option as shown below: 

Please note this setting is also available for Kandji, Jamf, Microsoft Intune, and Cisco Meraki integrations.