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AssetSonar FAQS How Do I Transfer Asset Stock In Bulk From One Location To Another

How do I transfer Asset Stock in bulk from one location to another?

If you want to relocate your asset stock from one location to another, you can do so by using excel import functionality. 

From the Asset Stock main page, click on the ‘Import Asset Stock’ button and a dropdown would appear. Click on ‘Transfer Existing Asset Stock’. 

This will take you to the import page. Once you have uploaded the excel file, click on ‘Upload and Proceed’. 

Another page will open up where you can map the columns as shown below: 

The excel file you upload should have the following columns: 

  • AIN 
  • Asset Stock #

In Stock From and Stock To columns, you can map either of the following two details: 

  • Stock From (Location name) 
  • Stock To (Location name) 
  • Stock From (Location#) 
  • Stock To (Location#) 

You can map two more details from the following options: 

  • Quantity 
  • Price/unit*
  • Total Price* 
  • Comments (Optional) 

*Precedence will be given to Price/Unit if both Price/Unit and Total Price are available in the excel sheet. 

After mapping the columns, click on ‘Preview’ and if you are satisfied with the preview, click ‘Transfer’ to complete the process. 


  • If there aren’t enough items present in the ‘Stock From’ location, you wouldn’t be able to transfer Asset Stock from one location to another. You’ll be able to view an error message if the import isn’t successful. 
  • Similarly, if you haven’t defined ‘Stock To’ location name or location# in the import file, or if you have enabled ‘if not present, create location’ option, then the transfer would still be unsuccessful for those items. For a successful transfer, name such a location as ‘no-location’ in your import file for successful data import.