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Make it easy to implement, deliver, and support the technology enabling today’s digital learning. AssetSonar provides districts with the best-in-class K-12 asset management to plan, deploy, and track school assets with minimal effort. Automate device assignments to staff and students and expedite replacements, repairs, and audits.

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Get devices to students faster

The assign and track function makes it easy for teachers to ensure that they’re assigning devices properly and automatically maintaining accurate records for districts to track.

K-12 asset lifecycle management

AssetSonar provides a complete, managed lifecycle solution. It keeps track of school assets from the time of their procurement and deployment to maintenance, retirement, and final disposal. In addition, it manages the complete chain of custody at the district level.

Maximum operational readiness

The start of a school year can be tough and requires districts to plan and efficiently disperse the rollout of Chromebooks and other digital assets. With smooth 1:1 check-in and checkout processes and creation of Bundles, AssetSonar ensures that there are no discrepancies in the rollout of such efforts.

Real-time view of IT assets

While conducting an IT asset audit, it is important to have visibility of all connected assets — with their associated funding source, asset type, location, and current operational status. AssetSonar provides real-time insight through its intuitive dashboard and comprehensive reporting module on all assets district-wide.

Device Management & Key Integrations

AssetSonar’s powerful set of out-of-the-box support with Google Workspace Directory and Endpoint Management allows quick integration into your classroom environment in minutes. Using AssetSonar’s open APIs, new integrations can be created to ensure that the platform grows with your evolving digital learning environment.

Help Desk integrations

Given the growing importance of technology to learning, K-12 IT teams are increasingly using dedicated best-in-class help desks to manage all service requests related to hardware, software, and other issues. AssetSonar, with its rich integrations with Zendesk and JIRA, provides complete support to manage asset-related tickets in either platform and create actionable tasks for complete incident management.
Every year, K-12 school districts prepare and deploy thousands of student devices across every grade level and with the 1:1 policy, the need for proactive planning is abundantly clear. With AssetSonar, you can streamline the pre-deployment process by getting a real-time view of available K-12 technology, along with their current locations and ownership.
Deployment of district assets is no easy feat. AssetSonar enables teams for rapid deployment of assets so you can get devices to students faster with Bundle checkouts. With efficient barcode and RFID scans, minimize the manual effort required to manage accurate inventory records.
AssetSonar tracks all assets in real-time; this helps IT teams know the exact location of their district’s assets, and then channel them accordingly between schools and classrooms depending on the needs of teachers, students, and staff.
Keeping your K-12 requirements in mind, use our powerful set of features to get access to actionable device information and facilitate IT teams with servicing, resolving help requests, or running audits at the end of the school year. Additionally, you can also use out-of-the-box integrations with Zendesk, JIRA, and Google Workspace for support, user, and Chromebook management.

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