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IT Hardware Inventory Management Software: A Guide


Refine asset optimization – Tips on how to select the right IT hardware inventory management software


Running a successful business venture requires implementing a robust organizational structure in place. Doing so helps because it allows the firm to tackle challenges faced by different departments. One of the departments, which small and medium businesses often struggle with is the IT section. This happens because companies usually own a huge variety of hardware devices in order to ensure timely completion of daily tasks. According to research, this number is expected to rise over the next couple of years.


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IT equipment can be quite tough to handle when it comes to software updates and repairs. For this very reason, it is ideal that a company choose a cloud-based IT hardware inventory management software to simplify technical tasks. The following factors can be taken into consideration while deciding upon the most suitable system for your company:

  • Designed for your business: The first concern when choosing a software is whether it is suited to your industry type. It might be possible that you can configure a single system to run customized functions as well.
  • Compatibility with your existing hardware: As a management software is going to be a long-term investment, it is better to get the one which matches your current resources. Oftentimes, software programs require updates and prove to be costly to be run by your hardware.
  • Ability to import and export data: When it comes to a management software, be sure to check if it allows you to directly access your business data. Otherwise, a software might not be able to contribute much to your company’s growth.

Once you have shortlisted the software which meets your requirements, you need to learn how to operate it. IT hardware asset management software programs are designed to assist organizations to perform a variety of functions.

Let’s overview some of the features your company can use to optimize IT hardware equipment:

1. Label all your equipment for an accurate database

With more than a hundred IT assets in your inventory, it becomes quite hard to track each and every one of them without a trustworthy system in place. IT spare parts don’t come cheap and are at a great risk of being stolen or misplaced if not constantly monitored. To help your company, overcome this challenge, IT hardware inventory management software allows you to use barcodes to label all your assets. This way every IT equipment has an identity tag which makes the check-in and checkout procedures easier. Employees just have to scan the item they want to take out for use and it will be automatically entered into the system. Such practices improve data transparency and reduce instances of loss through misplacement.

tagging via IT hardware inventory management software

Tag all your IT equipment for seamless daily activities.

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2. Implement inventory modules to track IT asset life cycles

Like most physical inventory items, IT hardware also goes through depreciation throughout its lifespan. Equipment which is used on a daily basis is prone to wear and tear occasionally. For instance, your company has two printers installed at the finance department. Due to the frequent usage, the printers might go through a quality deterioration after 6 months and need replacement. In order to track such changes, IT hardware inventory management software allows you to record depreciation rates. This actionable data lets you decipher whether you should replace or repair old stock. Utilize IT equipment in the correct manner to make it last its entire useful life with depreciation management.

3. Schedule maintenance sessions to avoid unexpected downtime

Business assets can be classified into different types depending upon their usage. One category pertains to daily use items, which include IT hardware as well. Employees use their laptops to conduct everyday activities, meetings, and conferences. Even a slight drawback in hardware performance can cause a major setback and lower efficiency levels. To avoid such unexpected breakdowns, it is necessary that IT equipment is serviced regularly. This can be done with the help of a hardware asset management software.

With a diverse set of features for automated maintenance, you can send out alerts in advance. Doing so, allows your company to carry out regular repair workshops so that the work routine doesn’t face unexpected delays. Streamline management processes and raise productivity levels with frequent maintenance sessions.  

maintenance management it hardware inventory management software

Run flawless maintenance sessions to keep IT assets in good shape

4. Generate automated purchase orders for new hardware  

Where expensive capital investments are concerned, you cannot go ahead with haphazard planning. Similar is the case with IT hardware stock. Every employee is assigned a laptop or a computer to work with and complete daily tasks. Oftentimes, it can be difficult to keep hardware backups for everyone in the office, so it helps to keep a record of vendor details. An IT hardware inventory management software offers to store all vendor information to order new stock without delays. You can do this by generating automated purchase orders whenever the warranty deadlines are near. Such precautionary measures don’t unnecessarily break your budget and neither do they tend to disrupt workflows. Get IT hardware as per your requirements through robust stock management practices.

Maximize rate of return on IT hardware with EZOfficeInventory

Optimizing hardware management has certain advantages for an organization. A web-based system lets you store all your data in a secure database with protection against unwarranted use. An effective business structure requires a high-performance software to help it achieve its yearly targets. EZOfficeInventory is an IT hardware inventory management software which caters to the needs of small and medium businesses and multinational organizations.  

With advanced technological features like RFID tracking, EZOfficeInventory allows you to take mass actions at once. This comes in extremely handy when you want to check out small IT equipment for an off-site project. The barcode labels can be scanned to enter usage history into the system to maintain accurate records. All this information can then be easily accessed throughout the office with everyone increasing collaboration and efficiency.  

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EZOfficeInventory also has the capacity to scale up quickly alongside a business. So, once you choose this software, you don’t have to upgrade or change versions every now and then. With a single system for all your needs, EZOfficeInventory lets you import and export your personal data into the software to form customized reports. Choose EZOfficeInventory for a maximum rate of returns on your IT hardware for higher revenues.

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EZOfficeInventory is a commonly used IT asset management software. It comes with supercharged features to enable companies and small businesses to optimize asset functions for a higher rate of returns.

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