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[How-to] Enable the Dell Warranty Integration

[How-to] enable the Dell warranty integration

[How-to] Enable the Dell Warranty Integration

AssetSonar automates the capturing of warranty information for Dell devices. Now, IT teams have clear visibility into the warranty information for these devices and can use this data to track and manage all warranties.

With AssetSonar’s Dell warranty integration, IT managers can take proactive decisions regarding asset servicing, hardware compliance, warranty renewal, and the clearance of bills.

1. Benefits of the Dell warranty integration

Prior to the Dell warranty integration with AssetSonar, IT managers and administrators had to manually transfer warranty information from their Dell service account to AssetSonar. But since AssetSonar serves as a centralized platform for the management of all your IT assets, it is crucial to have updated warranty information of all your Dell devices. Here is how this integration can benefit you:

  • Achieve better vendor management leading to reduced vendor related incidents
  • Gain visibility into the state of Dell assets and clearly identify assets that are covered under warranty
  • Schedule timely renewals
  • Schedule device servicing and maintenance activities

Here is how you can set up the Dell warranty integration from your AssetSonar account.

2. Enabling the Dell warranty integration

To enable the Dell warranty integration, go to Settings → Add Ons → Dell Warranty Integration → Enabled.

Enabling the Dell warranty integration 1

Click on ‘Add Credentials’ and a new window will appear as shown below:

Enabling the Dell warranty integration 2

Note: You can get the API Key and Secret Key from Dell service and set the contract type to Warranty. The “Fulfillment Vendor’ options is set to Dell by default but you can click on the Plus sign to add details of any third-party vendors you procure your Dell devices from.

Enabling the Dell warranty integration 3

To do so, fill out the form that pops up after you click on +. Click on ‘Create Vendor’ to save the details of the new vendor.

Note: The vendor you choose at this stage will remain default until you manually go back to the setting to choose another vendor. Choosing a different vendor will disable updates for the contracts applicable to previous vendors.

Once you have added all the relevant information, click on ‘Add’ to save the information. Click on the ‘Sync Now’ button and then wait for a couple of minutes for the sync to process. Also check the ‘Sync automatically’ box to ensure that timely syncs happen in the future.

Enabling the Dell warranty integration 4

Click on ‘Update’ to enable the Dell warranty integration feature.

3. Linking a purchase order

After a successful integration, you’ll be able to view the warranty information of a Dell device from its asset detail page. From the detail page of a Dell device, click on the ‘Contracts’ tab to review the existing warranty contract.

Linking a purchase order 1

The contract information imported from Dell cannot be manually updated by the IT admins, but they get the option to delete a contract if needed. Clicking on the contract number will take you to the contract’s detail page and you’ll be able to view the warranty details as shown below:

Linking a purchase order 2

Please note that the contract start date will be the date of the asset’s shipping while the end date will be the date on which the hardware warranty ends.

Click on the Purchase Order tab to see if there are any existing purchase orders linked to the Dell asset.

Linking a purchase order 3

You can also link a new purchase order or view the linking history of an existing one as shown below:

Linking a purchase order 4

5. Warranty reports

There are two reports that you can generate where Dell warranty information can be helpful.

  • Warranty Expiring in 90 Days: This report gives you details on the upcoming warranty expires so you can proactively plan to renew or extend these warranties. Based on this report, you can set up alerts and notifications and take actions accordingly.
Warranty reports 1
  • Expired Warranties: This report shows you the expired warranty contracts for your assets and you can get the start and end date of the warranty of your Dell devices from this report.
Warranty reports 2

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