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Leverage Dropbox Capabilities with AssetSonar

Leverage Dropbox Capabilities with AssetSonar

AssetSonar’s Dropbox integration enables you to sync your crucial data regularly and allows you to take periodic backups. You can easily keep backup files of your data in your Dropbox account for safekeeping so you can retrieve them later in case of an incident resulting in data loss. Furthermore, you can export reports to your Dropbox account and share them with your employees.

Let’s dig deeper to understand how this integration works:


  1. Enabling Dropbox Integration
  2. Accessing your backup data
  3. Syncing Documents to Dropbox
  4. Exporting Reports to Dropbox

Enabling Dropbox Integration

To use this capability, you first need to enable the feature from Settings -> Add Ons -> Data Backup. Click on ‘Enable’ and then select the ‘Add Dropbox account’ option to get a link that you can use to connect your Dropbox account to AssetSonar. Once enabled, you can also check the option for running a data backup daily.

Enabling Dropbox Integration

Accessing your backup data

Once you have enabled the integration and linked your Dropbox account, you will then be able to view periodic backups of your AssetSonar data saved as CSV files on your Dropbox account. CSV format is an exchangeable and convenient format as it is quite compatible with extensively used applications like Microsoft Excel, Google doc, etc.

From Dropbox’s homepage, click on Apps folder and you will be able to view the AssetSonar folder as shown below:

Accessing your backup data

The type of data that is backed up from AssetSonar on to the Dropbox is as follows:

  • Check-in and Checkout events
  • All Active Assets
  • Line Items
  • All Inventory
  • Asset Scans
  • Member List
  • Vendor List
  • All Services
  • All Asset Stock
  • Asset Stock Checkout Events
  • Asset Audits
  • Documents

All this data is saved as separate CSV files once every day. You can also view the time of the backup.

Syncing Documents to Dropbox

With AssetSonar’s Dropbox integration, you can also keep backups of all the important documents that you keep in AssetSonar. These documents can be Images, Videos, PDFs, Spreadsheets, Word documents, and links. In AssetSonar, go to ‘Documents’ from the side menu and you’ll be able to view all your documents that you can backup in Dropbox. These documents can be any sort of Contracts, item details, Purchase Orders, etc.

Exporting Reports to Dropbox

For your convenience, AssetSonar allows you to export reports to Dropbox as well. Go to the ‘Reports’ page and run a report that you have just created. Once you have run the report, you can then click on the ‘Export’ button on the top right corner and choose the Dropbox option. You will then be able to view this report in CSV format through your Dropbox account.
Exporting Reports to Dropbox

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