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Reserving Assets On Behalf Of Staff Users

Reserving Assets On Behalf Of Staff Users

Now, Administrators in AssetSonar can reserve Assets on behalf of other members i.e. Staff Users.

How does it work?


  1. Creating a reservation request
  2. How do I track this in reports?

1. Creating a reservation request

The Request Reservation form now contains a new field, Reservation For. Here you can select a member for whom you want to create a reservation request.

Creating a reservation request

This reservation request will appear under the Reservations tab for Administrators to review and take action on.

Note: This feature is only accessible to Administrators. Staff Users can still only request a reservation for themselves.

2. How do I track this in reports?

You can see who created a reservation request under the Created by column in the Reservations report. To access this report, go to Reports → Miscellaneous Reports → Reservations → View Report.

How do I track this in reports?

A reservation request for Macbook chargers was created by Ray Adin on behalf of Charles Boyle. Ray as an Admin can then proceed to approve this reservation request.

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