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Types of Alerts in AssetSonar

Types of Alerts in AssetSonar

Email Alerts enable you to closely track all activities related to your IT assets so you never miss out on any updates. Manage Alerts in AssetSonar by subscribing to events or actions that generate emails. You can also switch to a daily digest of Alerts to ensure that all information reaches the interested parties.


1. Alerts and Members

2. Custom Notifications and Newsletters

3. Types of Alerts
3.1. Check-in/Checkout
3.2. Reservations
3.3. Services and Preventive Maintenance
3.4. Items
3.5. Purchase Orders
3.6. Work Orders
3.7. Bundles
3.8. Locations
3.9. Members
3.10. Software Licenses

3.11 Contracts

3.12 Domains

4. Group and Location-based Notifications

5. Time for Alerts

6. Send Email Alerts using your Company URL

1. Alerts and Members

All confirmed Members receive emails based on their selected actions of interest, for example, checkout, check-in, etc.

Different types of members in AssetSonar receive alerts differently.

  • Staff Users receive emails they’ve subscribed to only when they’re involved in the action and have alerts enabled from More → Alerts → Staff Alerts.
  • Administrators receive emails for all actions across the company.

Learn more about the type of alerts each member receives in AssetSonar.

2. Custom Notifications and Newsletters

Send email-based reminders for specific events, choose which Alerts get sent out, and customize email content for each Alert type.

Customization does not apply to mail digests.

Account Owners and Administrators can choose to receive our monthly newsletters as well. These newsletters give you a glimpse of regular feature releases and enhancements done introduced in our IT asset tracking software.

3. Types of Alerts in AssetSonar

3.1. Check-in/Checkout

Check items (Asset/Asset Stock) in and out effortlessly by empowering custodians to play an active role in keeping item information up to date.

Following table details how each type of check-in/checkout email alert functions in our app:

Check-in Checkout 1
Check-in Checkout 2
Check-in Checkout 3

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3.2. Reservations

With support for new workflows and insights, make conflict-free reservations by easily resolving potential scheduling clashes.

Here are all the alerts related to Reservations in AssetSonar:

Reservations 1
Reservations 2
Reservations 3

3.3. Services and Maintenance

Send out alerts to relevant parties on service initiation, completion, extension, or comments and ensure that equipment downtime becomes a thing of the past.

Services and Maintenance 1
Services and Maintenance 2
Services and Maintenance 3

Here are Service and Maintenance type alerts.

3.4. Items

AssetSonar enables you to track various item types namely Assets, Asset stock, and Inventory. Get low stock alerts and transfer stock across sites with ease.

The activities related to items like retiring, reactivating, or deleting an Asset, and adding, removing, or transferring stock trigger alerts in AssetSonar.

Items 1
Items 2
Items 3

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3.5. Purchase Orders

Track all your Purchase Orders alongside your items. Automatically update items linked to Purchase Orders, and manage vendors and procurement costs, all from one place.

Receive email alerts for procurement management when you are awaiting delivery on items or creating Purchase Orders.

Purchase Orders 1

3.6. Work Orders

Take control of maintenance and inspection of items linked to Work Orders, and implement accountability.

Receive email alerts for Work Orders to gain control of all your services.

Work Orders

3.7. Bundles

Receive email alerts for ready-to-print labels for Bundles on requesting via the Bundle Details Page or the Bundles Listing Page.


3.8. Members

Receive email alerts for ready-to-print labels for Members on requesting via the Member Details Page or Member Listing Page.


3.9. Locations

Receive email alerts for ready-to-print labels for Locations on requesting via the Location Details Page or the Locations Listings Page.


3.10. Software Licenses

With AssetSonar by your side, you can keep tabs on license expiry and warranty renewal dates. It also enables you to monitor the usage of relevant software systems in line with their subscribed licenses.

Receive email alerts for software license management when you are close to license expiration dates, due for payments, or just tracking active software licenses.

Software Licenses

3.11 Contracts

AssetSonar makes it easier for you to track all your contracts. You can always stay updated with your contract types, start and end dates and change requests.

Receive email alerts to improve contract management and streamline your workflows.


3.12 Domains

With Alerts enabled, you can manage your domains better and always keep an eye on them, especially when they are nearing their expiration date.


4. Group and Location-based Notifications

We also give you the flexibility of being notified based on groups and locations. You can prioritize them on the Alerts page at the end of alert types.

Group and Location-based Notifications

5. Time for Alerts

Schedule all your alerts as per your preference.

Receive email alerts for the events you’ve subscribed to from the Alerts page. You can also receive check-in overdue alerts within an hour of occurrence if you don’t want to fall behind in IT asset management. To do this, go to Company Settings → Policy → Time for Alerts.

6. Send Email Alerts Using Your Company URL

By default, the emails regarding an equipment return date, or a reservation starting date are sent from the AssetSonar domain. Choose to send these emails from an email address that belongs to you or your company.

Enable this feature from Settings → Company Settings → Company Profile → System Generated Emails.

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