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AssetSonar Release Notes February 2020

AssetSonar Release Notes February 2020

The AssetSonar team is committed to introducing new features that offer seamless and secure IT asset management. Get up to speed with all the features we’ve designed in the past few months, from our powerful integrations to seamless onboarding processes.

  1. Jamf Pro Integration

Enhance your Apple Device Management with AssetSonar’s Jamf Pro integration. Mass import asset data of all your iOS and macOS devices from Jamf into AssetSonar, and save time and manual effort. Manage your devices from a centralized space with our non-intrusive integration.

2. Jira Integration

Our integration with the leading service desk, Jira allows you to boost efficiency, speed up troubleshooting, and eliminate bottlenecks for your IT team. Gain complete visibility into your IT service landscape, lower hardware downtime with faster issue resolution, and improve IT asset reliability with timely maintenance.

3. Tags for Software

Categorize software installations across your organization based on their use with Tags for Software. Set the status to ‘ignore’ for software that is irrelevant to your company and ‘blacklist’ the software you don’t want employees to use on their machines. Get alerts when the system detects blacklisted software so you can take prompt action.

4. G Suite Directory Integration

Directly import members from your company’s G Suite User Directory into your AssetSonar account. Simplify logins by enabling your employees to sign in with their company’s Google accounts.

5. Mass Agent Deployment

The AssetSonar team offers you a pre-configured Agent for running mass deployment across all the Windows and Apple devices in your organization. Sidestep the cumbersome process of individually deploying the Agent in each device, save time, and keep a centralized IT asset database.

6. Seamless Onboarding

Get a seamless onboarding experience with our IT asset duplication checks. Map discovered IT assets with existing ones if their AIN and Serial Numbers are identical. You can also merge IT assets together if their MAC Addresses, UUID, or BIOS Serial Numbers match.

7. Advanced Dashboard

Customize the dashboard so you can track ITAM-focused metrics of your preference. AssetSonar offers a host of IT Asset and Software License KPIs to choose from. These include IT assets synced in the last 24 hours, overused software licenses, software licenses expiring in 7 days, etc.

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