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[How-to] Enhance IT Asset Management with the Workspace One and AssetSonar Integration

[How-to] Enhance IT Asset Management with the Workspace One and AssetSonar Integration

Workspace One is a premium unified endpoint management (UEM) solution by VMware. It has a robust set of mobile device management (MDM) capabilities and features that help enterprises manage large numbers of devices, diverse operating systems, and implement complex security measures. Its scalability and adaptability makes it an ideal MDM choice for enterprises with complex IT infrastructures while also providing great value to small-to-medium business (SMBs).

AssetSonar’s integration with Workspace One helps IT managers and administrators gain real-time visibility and control of all Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. Users can utilize this integration to streamline IT operations, run comprehensive reports, and empower their organization with seamless endpoint and IT asset management.

1. Benefits of the Workspace One integration

AssetSonar’s integration with Workspace One is in line with its mission of being a single source of truth or a centralized hub of information for its customers. This integration can be applied for various use cases across different industries, making it a valuable solution for a wide range of customers, regardless of their IT proficiency. Here is what this integration can do for your organization:

  • Empowers organizations to easily manage and optimize devices, which helps businesses to increase operational efficiency.
  • Provides a comprehensive view of and real-time visibility into all company-owned devices.
  • Reduces the complexity of IT operations by providing a centralized platform for both endpoint management and asset tracking. This simplification leads to reduced IT support costs, quicker issue resolution, and more efficient use of IT resources.
  • Eliminates redundancies, reduces software and hardware costs, and optimizes licensing — leading to significant cost efficiency.
  • Provides actionable insights into endpoint performance, utilization, and lifecycle management. This data-driven approach facilitates better decision-making and resource allocation.

2. Enabling the Workspace One integration

To enable the integration, follow the pathway: Settings → Add Ons → Workspace One Integration and select ‘Enabled’.

Enabling the Workspace One integration

Once enabled, you’ll be asked to ‘Add Credentials’ to create the integration. Click on the button and a new window will appear. Here is a snapshot of the window that pops up:

Add Credentials

You can get the Token URL and API URL from your Workspace One account while the API Key and the Secret Key are account specific within AssetSonar. Click on ‘Update’ to finish creating the integration.

Add Credentials 2

Once your integration is enabled, you’ll be ready to pull up your Windows, Android, iOS, and MacOS data from Workspace One.

3. Syncing with Workspace One

To import your device data stored in Workspace One, click on the ‘Sync Now’ button that shows up after enabling the integration. Make sure that you have checked the boxes for syncing both IT and mobile assets to fetch all data.

Syncing with Workspace One 1

Now from the asset listing page, you’ll be able to view all the devices that have been imported. To get a list of these devices, click on the filter button on the asset listing page, and choose the ‘Last Sync Source’ filter.

Syncing with Workspace One 2

A new dialog box will appear with a list of all AssetSonar’s integrations as shown below:

Syncing with Workspace One 3

Choose Workspace One as the ‘Last Sync Source’ and apply the filter.

Syncing with Workspace One 4

Now you’ll be able to view the list of assets imported from Workspace One.

Syncing with Workspace One 5

4. Viewing asset information

Click on any asset to open its detail page. You’ll be able to view its discovery source as Workspace One.

Viewing asset information 1

You can also view the information about when the information was last updated.

  • Last sync date: The date when the device’s data was last updated on Workspace One
  • Last Workspace One sync date: The date when device’s data was last fetched from Workspace One to AssetSonar

You can also view this information by scrolling down to the Connected Sources table.

Viewing asset information 2

Click on ‘System Details’ to view the hardware details of the device. Here is a glimpse of what this information looks like:

Viewing asset information 3

Note: You can import Network Adapter details from Windows devices but cannot import this information from MacOS devices.

You can also view the software details of the device by clicking on the relevant tab.

Viewing asset information 4

Now you can view details of assets imported from Workspace One, can generate custom reports to analyze trends on these assets, and can take other actions on them.

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