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[How-to] Integrate Enterprise-grade Apple Device Management with Mosyle Business and AssetSonar  


Mosyle Business is a leading mobile device management (MDM) platform designed for organizations of all sizes with Enterprise-grade Apple-oriented infrastructure. Organizations leverage Mosyle Business to streamline the deployment, management, and security of Apple devices in their infrastructure.

Mosyle Business provides organizations with an efficient way to remotely perform and automate tasks that help manage and secure Apple devices at work.

This integration allows users to effortlessly import details of their Apple devices into AssetSonar, ensuring an accurate and up-to-date unified asset database. This integration empowers our customers to monitor, manage, and maintain their Apple device inventory seamlessly, access detailed asset analytics, and enhance device utilization. It also enhances proactive maintenance strategies and improves asset lifecycle management across the organization, ensuring they can scale at their desired pace.

1. Benefits of the Mosyle Manager Integration

Here is how AssetSonar and Mosyle Business’s integration can bring value to your enterprise: 

  • Centralized device management: Empowers IT administrators to manage all their IT assets, including mobile devices, from a single platform. This includes deployment and configuration across devices to streamline operations. 
  • Enhances security: Mosyle Business enables organizations to enforce security policies, manage permissions, and take action when an asset is lost or stolen. An Integration with AssetSonar ensures that asset data is kept secure and that devices comply with organizational security policies.
  • Scalability: Mosyle Business is designed to scale with the growth of an organization. Whether an organization has a few dozen devices or several thousand, integrating with AssetSonar can accommodate varying needs and adapt as the organization expands.
  • Cost savings: Apple devices enrolled, configured, or updated via Mosyle Business are automatically reflected in AssetSonar’s records, keeping asset inventories up-to-date without manual intervention.

2. Enable Mosyle Business Integration

To enable the integration, please go to Settings → Integrations → Mosyle Business Integration and select ‘Enabled’.

2. Enable Mosyle Business Integration

Once enabled, you can view an option to add your Mosyle Business credentials to set up the integration. Click on the option ‘Add Credentials’ and the following dialog box will appear asking you to enter the Access Token, Username, and Password and hit ‘Add’. 

2. Enable Mosyle Business Integration1

Now click on Update to finish creating the integration. Once your integration is enabled, you can pull up your iOS and MacOS data from Mosyle Business. 

3. Sync devices with Mosyle Business

To import your Mosyle Business data to AssetSonar, click on the ‘Sync Now’ button that appears after integration is enabled.  You can also set up automated syncs between Mosyle Business and AssetSonar by clicking on the ‘Schedule sync every 24 hours’ option. 

3. Sync devices with Mosyle Business

4. View asset information

From the asset listing page, you’ll be able to view all the devices that have been imported from Mosyle Business to AssetSonar. To get a list of these devices, click on the filter button on the asset listing page, and choose the ‘Last Sync Source’ filter. 

4. View asset information

Choose Mosyle Business as the ‘Last Sync Source’ and apply the filter. Now you’ll be able to view the list of assets imported from Mosyle Business.

4. View asset information1

Click on any asset to open its detail page. You’ll be able to view its discovery source as Mosyle Business.

4. View asset information2

Last sync date: The date when the device’s data was last updated on Mosyle Business.

Last Mosyle Business sync date: The date when the device’s data was last fetched from Mosyle Business to AssetSonar.

You can also view this information by scrolling down to the Connected Sources table.

4. View asset information4

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we import Mac OS data from Mosyle Business to AssetSonar?

    Yes, Mac OS data can be imported. Please contact our support team to enable and import data successfully.

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