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Intune PKG Deployment with AssetSonar

Intune PKG Deployment with AssetSonar

AssetSonar allows you to deploy its ITAM Agent to Mac Devices. Follow these steps to successfully sync our Agent with your AssetSonar account:

  1. Request for a pre-configured Mac-supported ITAM Agent pkg.intunemac from our team by emailing us at
  2. Now, head to your Microsoft Manager Endpoint Admin Center. Go to Apps → All Apps, and click on the ‘+Add’ button.

3. This pops open a dialog on the right side of the screen. Choose ‘Line-of-business app’ as the App Type and hit ‘Select’.
Select app type

4. After you’ve selected the app type, a new page appears. Here, click on the ‘Select app package file’ button in the App Information tab.

Add app

5. Then, in the App package file dialog box that appears at the right, select the pkg.intunemac file, and click ‘OK’.

Add package file

6. Add AssetSonar as publisher and leave the remaining fields as default.

Add app 2

7. You can choose which users or machines you want to deploy the Agent on. In this example, we’ll select ‘Add All Users’ and ‘Add All Devices’.

Add app 3

8. In the Review + Create tab, click ‘Create’ to complete the app setup.

Add app 4

9. You will be notified when the app is created successfully.
Add app 5

10. Device Install Status section will show the Devices with the above-mentioned PKG file as successfully installed.

Add app 6

11. We now need to add a macOS script that will finalize the installation. Before you create the script for Mac Devices, upload the following files on your public servers. You can choose to upload the files on either a GDrive or a Dropbox account.

  • modules.conf
  • ocsinventory-agent.cfg
  • cacert.pem
  • next_timefile
  • Ocsinv.adm
  • org.ocsng.agent.plist

Note: You can get these files for your Mac Devices by sending us an email at

12. Now, head to your Microsoft Manager Endpoint Admin Center, go to Devices → Scripts → Add → macOS.

Add app 7

13. Add ‘Intune Agent Script’ as the name (or anything you prefer).
Add script

14. You will now need to create a file with the following commands. Copy the scrip given here.

Note: The script for remote Agent installation on Mac systems is a bash script. Additionally, make sure that the names of the files and their storage pathways are correctly typed in the script.

Additional note: In order for this to work, the permissions for the link should be such that anyone with the link can download the file — no authorization required. The add_id_here in the link in the above script should be replaced by the ID available in the drive sharable link. For instance, in the link, the ID would be 1axkPO9eYtvEvRRqyz5t85I6t9uR0VfQ

15. With the script created, select as Upload Script, keep the Run script as signed-in user field set to No, and set 3 times as the Max number of re-tries.

Edit shell script

16. You can decide which users or machines you want to deploy the Agent on. In this example, we’ll select ‘Add All Users’ and ‘Add All Devices’.

Add script 1

17. Review and then hit ‘Add’.

Add script 2

18. Once the script has successfully been installed within the Device, our Mac Agent will start syncing with your AssetSonar Account.
Intune agent script

Intune agent script 2

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