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[How-to] Simplify Mobile Device Management with Jumpcloud and AssetSonar Integration

JumpCloud integration

JumpCloud is an open directory device management software used by organizations across various industries, particularly in environments that rely on diverse device ecosystems. JumpCloud majorly caters to software and IT companies, educational institutions, healthcare providers, professional services firms, and remote-first companies. 

AssetSonar integrates with JumpCloud to enable organizations to centrally manage endpoints, ensuring seamless synchronization for device configuration. With AssetSonar’s robust asset tracking capabilities and JumpCloud’s comprehensive mobile device management features, IT administrators can now deploy, monitor, and track devices with greater efficiency and precision.

1. Benefits of JumpCloud integration

AssetSonar’s integration with Jumpcloud marks a strategic enhancement in IT asset management, since the integration is designed to enhance organizational efficiency and asset control by enabling seamless management of devices. With this integration, customers can effortlessly oversee their entire device inventory, and ensure that both hardware and software assets are optimally utilized, reinforcing AssetSonar’s role as a centralized platform for managing the entire lifecycle of IT assets.

Here is how AssetSonar and JumpCloud integration can help you streamline your IT operations:

  • Unified Device Management: IT teams can now manage devices from a single console, streamlining IT operations.
  • Streamlined IT Workflows: The integration can help to streamline IT workflows by automating several manual tasks, such as device discovery and asset tracking. 
  • Automated Asset Lifecycle Management: From procurement to retirement, the integrated solution simplifies the entire lifecycle of devices within an organization.
  • Compliance and Reporting: Organizations can maintain stringent compliance with regulatory standards, with detailed reporting for audits and assessments.

Now let’s walk you through JumpCloud integration on AssetSonar application:

2. Enabling JumpCloud integration

To enable the integration, follow the pathway: Settings → Integrations → Mobile Device Management & Network Discovery → JumpCloud Integration and select ‘Enabled’.

Now you should be able to add credentials for setting up the integration. Click on the ‘Add Credentials’ option to prompt open a new dialog box as shown below:

Enter the relevant details and click on ‘Add’. Now hit the ‘Update’ button on the top right to finish enabling the integration. A successfully completed integration will allow you to fetch device data from your JumpCloud directory to AssetSonar. 

3. Syncing devices with JumpCloud

To start importing your JumpCloud data to AssetSonar, click on the ‘Sync Now’ button. You can also schedule automated syncs that occur after every 24 hours. 

To view the devices that have been brought in through JumpCloud, go to the asset listing page. From the filter icon, choose the ‘Discovery Source’ filter as shown below:

From the new overlay, choose JumpCloud as the sync source and hit ‘Apply’. 

You’ll get a list of all assets that have been brought in through JumpCloud. Here is a snippet of the list:

Now open the detail page for any asset on the list. JumpCloud would be listed as a discovery source and the last sync source as follows:

Scroll down to the Connected Sources table and you’ll be able to view the information regarding the asset’s sync with JumpCloud. 

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