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AssetSonar Release Notes May 2020

AssetSonar Release Notes May 2020

Over the last quarter, businesses have experienced major disruptions in daily operations worldwide. At AssetSonar, we believe in being responsive to our customers’ needs. Our team has been working tirelessly to develop integrations and features that create value and facilitate seamless operations for our customers.

Read the complete May 2020 Release Notes to get up to speed with our new enhancements that range from automated user provisioning to powerful integrations with leading service desks and systems management software.

  1. Microsoft SCCM Integration

Fetch configuration data and mass import all your Windows devices from SCCM into the AssetSonar database using our integration with Microsoft SCCM. Save time and manual effort as you check out Windows devices to your employees and remotely manage their custody and status from a centralized space.

2. AssetSonar Agent for Linux Devices

The AssetSonar team offers you a pre-configured Agent that you can install in your Linux devices for centralized device management. It gives you the ability to manage and report on the configuration, custody, and maintenance status of your Linux devices, even when they’re off company premises.

Note: We currently support Debian-based systems only. Other systems to follow soon.

3. User Provisioning via SCIM

Implement the SCIM protocol in AssetSonar with Okta. Automate your user provisioning processes and user lifecycle management. Create, update, and delete members in AssetSonar as their profiles are added, updated, or deleted in Okta. Save time, mitigate the risk of manual error, and ensure security compliance with consistent login credentials.

4. Jira Server App

Use the AssetSonar App on the Atlassian marketplace to consolidate all your ITSM data on a single platform. Easily navigate to AssetSonar from within Jira Server and view detailed ticket history for timely audits. Expedite issue resolution with our on-the-go mobile app so you’re always ITIL compliant.

5. Zendesk Integration

Our Zendesk integration expedites the incident and problem management of your devices. Link IT assets within AssetSonar to corresponding service tickets in the Zendesk workspace. Gain complete visibility into your IT service landscape, get more contextualized information, speed up troubleshooting, and improve IT asset reliability with timely maintenance.

6. Insightful KPIs

Cut down your hardware and software spend with AssetSonar’s insightful KPIs. Trim unnecessary IT costs, avoid any potential penalties, and true-up costs resulting from unlicensed software instances, identify most relied upon software publishers, and request for discounts. Invest only in key IT assets that add value to your business.

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