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Software Normalization in AssetSonar

Software Normalization in AssetSonar

For organizations that use multiple software applications, standardization of the on-premise software names can be a challenge. For installed software applications, there are usually multiple versions of the same software across the board and the lack of naming convention can cause confusion and discrepancies in data. These naming conventions might differ from device to device and integration to integration. AssetSonar’s software normalization feature helps you create and standardize records for every version of software installed and helps remove irregularities from your on-premise applications. It enables efficiency and reliability, by making compliance, license and reporting of software easier to maintain and update, saving time and money in the long run.

Here is how AssetSonar’s software normalization can help your organization:

  1. You can have access to more accurate information for compliance, licensing modules, and software asset reporting.
  2. By reconciling different versions of the same software, multiple records will not be created for upgrading, making software management more streamlined.

Now let’s see how we can set up normalization for a software application in your system.

From the on-premise software listing page, go to the Normalizations tab.

Software Normalization in AssetSonar - Step 1

Here, you will see a listing of the software applications that have standardized listing as shown below:

Software Normalization in AssetSonar - Step 2

To create a new normalization for multiple software versions, click on the ‘Add Software Normalization’ button on the top right. A new tab will appear. Here we will create a new normalization for multiple versions of Adobe Photoshop that we have in our system.

Software Normalization in AssetSonar - Step 3

Note: Base Software is the software that has multiple versions in the system and Normalized Software Name will be the new normalized name in the system.

Once you have chosen a base software, you will be able to view software listings with all the recommended software that you can add to your list for normalization. The software you check on will be added to the Normalization Components tab as shown below:

Software Normalization in AssetSonar - Step 4

Hit Done and another pop-up will appear giving you a preview of the software applications you are adding to this new normalization. Click on Proceed to complete the process.

Software Normalization in AssetSonar - Step 5

You will be redirected to the newly created normalization details page.

Software Normalization in AssetSonar - Step 6

You will also be able to view this on the listing page of Normalization.

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