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AssetSonar FAQS Can I Map Address And Contact Attributes From My Identity Provider Into Assetsonar Via Scim

Can I map address and contact attributes from my Identity Provider into AssetSonar via SCIM?

Yes, AssetSonar gives you the ability to map contact and address attributes from your Identity Provider (IdP). 

The process for Okta is explained below. You can follow similar steps for other IdPs.

Open your identity provider to navigate to the attributes section.

After logging in to your Okta account, open the Directory menu and select ‘People’.

When you open a user’s profile, you can scroll down to their attributes. The attribute used for Street Address is highlighted in the screenshot below. To map this attribute, simply copy the text indicating the attribute (highlighted) from your IdP.

Now, log back into your AssetSonar account and go to  Add Ons. In the ‘User Provisioning via SCIM’ section, you’ll find similar address attributes. Paste the copied text into the relevant field i.e. Address Line 1 in this case, and sync.

Once you update the settings, sync your members by going to the members tab. 

When you press the sync button, the attributes will be successfully mapped.

In a similar manner, all the other values of the address attributes can be mapped from your IdP into AssetSonar.