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AssetSonar FAQS The Custom Role I Imported Via Scim From My Active Directory Does Not Exist In Assetsonar

The custom role I imported via SCIM from my Active Directory does not exist in AssetSonar. What should I do?

If a custom role imported via SCIM from your Active Directory — Okta, Azure AD, or OneLogin  does not exist in AssetSonar, users belonging to that custom role can be provisioned to a default role in AssetSonar.

You can set the Default Role using the option highlighted below:

Default role user provisioning

Let’s say, you imported users belonging to the custom role Customer Success team from your Active Directory via SCIM and this custom role is not present in AssetSonar, users belonging to this role will be provisioned as Administrators if you select the option ‘Provision to Administrators’.

If you do not wish to provision these users as Administrators, you can also select the option ‘Provision to some role’ and provision these users to a custom role that already exists in AssetSonar.

Note: You can carry out the same action while importing custom roles from LDAP or Google Workspace directory into AssetSonar.

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