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AssetSonar FAQS Can I Print Tags Or Labels For Items Before Adding Items To Assetsonar

Can I print tags or labels for items before adding items to AssetSonar?

Item labels can only be generated if an item exists in our system. If you need the labels printed beforehand, an easy workaround is to create Placeholder Assets.

For QR-Coded labels:

  • Add an Asset titled ‘Placeholder’. Then, clone it to make more copies of the placeholder Asset.

Note: You can only make 25 copies in one go.


  • Use AssetSonar’s Excel import wizard.

To import as many as 1000 placeholder Assets at a time, use an Excel sheet and fill a column that just says Placeholder. Here is an Excel file that you can use for 100 placeholders. You can drag a row in excel to create more.

Placeholder Assets (Excel sheet).

For Barcoded labels:

Record the BIOS Serial Numbers of IT Assets and Serial Numbers of non-IT Assets beforehand into an Excel sheet. Import the Excel sheet and map values as follows:

  1. For IT Assets: Map BIOS Serial Numbers onto the BIOS Serial Number fields.
  2. For non-IT Assets: Map serial number onto the AIN fields.
    Placeholder Excel sheet example, using barcodes.

If you want Placeholder Assets to be hidden from your users, you can retire them. When attaching the label to an item in the future, unretire/reactivate the Placeholder Assets by following the pathway: Actions Activate from the Asset Listings or Asset Details page.

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