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AssetSonar FAQS How Can I Export All My Print Label Data For Commercial Printing Purposes

How can I export all my Print Label data for commercial printing purposes?

AssetSonar allows you to print professional item labels in-house using the Avery Label Designer.

However, if you follow a practice of commercial printing and prefer handing over the Print Label data to a third-party printing vendor, you can enable label data export from Settings → Company Settings → Commercial Printing Label → Enabled.

Commercial printing labels -> Enabled

Now, you’ll be able to see the following option when you go to the Print Label tab:

Export print label data

Clicking on the option highlighted above will pop open a dialog box where you can select the items whose print labels you want to export. Once relevant items have been selected, hit ‘Email data’.

Email data

The system will notify you via email once the print labels have been exported as a CSV. You can then share this CSV file with your third-party printing vendors.