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AssetSonar FAQS Pre Print Qr Code Labels For It Assets

Is there a way to pre-print QR Code labels for IT Assets before the ITAM Agent has detected and added them to AssetSonar?

By theory, you can print labels for your items once they have been added to the AssetSonar account.

However, in many cases, organizations may need to tag and track IT Assets before the ITAM Agent is deployed on them and they’re formally added to the system.

AssetSonar offers a three-step workflow for this use case:

  1. Create Placeholder Assets, each with a unique Asset# within AssetSonar. Then, print QR Code labels for each of the Placeholder Assets. Select multiple Placeholder Assets and click on Actions → Print Label.

Mass print label

Read more about Placeholder Assets here

2. As soon as you receive IT Assets, attach the printed QR Code labels to them. Then, manually record the BIOS Serial Number of tagged IT Assets against their respective Asset# in an Excel sheet.
You can refer to this Excel sheet as an example and prepare a similar one for yourself. Now, mass update your Placeholder Assets for the BIOS Serial Number field using our Excel import wizard.

Mass update IT Assets

The Placeholder Assets will have two populated fields i.e. Asset# and BIOS Serial Number.

3. Next, mass deploy the ITAM Agent on each of your IT Assets and sync them to AssetSonar by clicking on the ‘Sync Now’ button on the Asset Listings page as shown.

Sync all IT Assets

Once the sync is complete, AssetSonar will merge the detected devices with BIOS Serial Numbers identical to those of the Placeholder Assets you created in Steps 1 and 2. The merged devices are then tagged as ‘IT Assets’ by AssetSonar. 

Note: The Asset# of merged IT Assets is the same as the one mentioned in the URL of QR Code labels you printed earlier.

Pro tip!

You can carry out steps 2 and 3 for individual Placeholders and IT Assets too based on the timing and nature of your procurement workflow.