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AssetSonar FAQS How Can I View The Last Logged In Users History

How can I view the last logged in users history? 

Pull up the last users’ complete login history to track how your high-valued IT asset is shared among users and ensure accountability with updates on when the last login user has changed. 

The last logged in users history provides the user’s email address, from where they have logged in, and the date and time of login. To view history, please go to the Asset details page → System details tab → Last logged in User field. Click the clock icon to view login history. 

last logged in users history

You can view changes in the last login users. For example, when Emily logged in, the history was updated with her email, time, and date as shown below. 

Please note that the last login users history is only available for 30 days. You can request to view history for a longer period.