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Device Data Agent: The Future of IT Management

Device Data Agent: The Future of IT Management

How does device data agent track IT assets for your organization?

Businesses are consistently expanding their IT inventories to enhance productivity. But the unique nature of IT assets requires robust management strategies to derive maximum output. It’s the small to medium-sized companies that struggle the most with managing IT assets. This is because tasks like hardware deployment and software licensing can become a handful as your inventory grows.

To extract accurate data, organizations should leverage an automated solution that offers device data agent (aka asset discovery solution) along with asset tracking abilities.

Cloud-based software programs enable firms to take better control of their IT network assets. This new tool helps customers conduct audits in a simplified and efficient manner. But how does it do it?

The software collects hardware and software data for all devices whenever synced. Such a system is suitable for all types of businesses, especially the ones that operate with a sizable hardware base and demand updated data for all IT assets.

How does device data agent track IT assets for your organization

The discovery agent lets you document the following features of all your hardware and software devices:

  • Size of RAM
  • PC username/model
  • IP address
  • Number of operating systems
  • Hardware installations
  • Software upgrades

Is data quality a concern?

One important thing to consider here is whether the auto-discovery feature collects high-quality information. A quick scan might reveal data that is missing for some IT equipment. But additionally, it might also pull up old or duplicated data.

To fix such errors, it’s important to report these instances and have IT technicians look into them. A common cause for such mistakes is corrupted WMI files at individual workstations. If multiple computers display this error, the problem may be present at a larger scale.

To maintain an accurate asset database, it is vital for old records to be deleted after the related hardware devices have been sent for disposal. In the same vein, it is necessary to keep track of newly procured items at the workplace. Make sure all assets with their serial numbers correspond to the data collected.

What functions can the discovery agent help you perform?

What functions can the discovery agent help you perform

Asset management strategies need to be thorough and comprehensive because of the sensitive nature of IT assets. Your strategy should include in-depth data for all the software programs installed on the company network. This cannot be compromised on since software solutions are vulnerable to security breaches.

Here’s how a device data agent fortifies your asset management strategy:

  1. IT asset management: Upon creating labels for all your IT equipment, you can link serial numbers with performance levels. With every scan, you can easily examine which hardware device is executing which task. This enables firms to ensure optimal resource allocation.
  2. Maintenance events: Auto-scans pull up data for all devices online in a network. This enables organizations to check-in equipment for repair and services without physical inspection. You can also gather previous maintenance details for an asset to pinpoint any underlying issues.
  3. Configuration planning: A configuration management plan describes any specific procedure which has to be implemented during an asset’s lifetime. This guideline also defines the roles and responsibilities of associated staff members and consequently streamlines procurement, disposal, and audits.

What are the benefits of data discovery for IT asset management?

What are the benefits of data discovery for IT asset management

A single platform to access complete asset data simplifies business tasks and operations. Moreover, a discovery agent provides you with highly accurate information with minimum errors.

Organizations can use this data to gain in-depth insights into asset performance and improve their IT asset management as well. Additionally, device data agent safeguards corporate data and boosts the rate of returns by enabling:

  1. Enhanced security: One common reason behind malware penetration into the network is unlicensed software. Regular scans help capture all unlicensed, unused or undocumented software copies. By doing this, companies can keep track of license renewals and schedule upgrades in a timely manner.
  2. Improved disaster recovery: Accurate inventory data is essential for successful disaster recovery. Companies can focus on this aspect by fine-tuning the frequency of asset scans as per asset activities. A scan should be requested whenever new hardware is installed or retired. Such practices update data in real-time and provide disaster protection.
  3. Develop a comprehensive database: Having complete data at hand is the only way to creating a dependable asset management strategy. Auto-scans help IT professionals lay out all aspects of their network so technicians can set up tasks more efficiently. Any flagged vulnerabilities help companies tie loose ends. And it all boils down to better collaboration.
  4. Address compliance issues: The correct deployment of hardware and software assets demands compliance with legal regulations laid down by the manufacturer or vendor. Most companies violate regulations unknowingly and end up with hefty penalties. This isn’t a problem when you run reliable audits based on up-to-date and accurate inventory data.

What are the essentials of asset discovery?

Now that you have an idea of how important device data agent is for the business, here are some key asset aspects you should focus on:

  1. Baseline discovery: When getting started, gather as much data as you can about your servers, workstations and routers, and develop a baseline asset information system. This database helps serve as a backup that your business can preserve offline (provided it is regularly updated!).
  2. Asset connections: Having data regarding your devices is one thing, but understanding how all your devices are connected is another. Automated asset discovery tool lets you establish a hierarchical structure of how your devices are linked within the network.
  3. Remote locations: While asset discovery works well in office spaces, it underperforms in remote locations. In such situations, use remote polling engines to collect information through firewalls and limited port access locations.

Enable seamless asset management with a device data agent

Constantly evolving IT assets require a robust management system. For this reason, companies opt for cloud-based software that offers features like data device agent. Data device agent automates data collection and maintains highly accurate databases.

To bring all of this together, it stores all the data on one centralized platform to simplify work procedures and boost asset performance.

Additionally, regular scans with auto-discovery allow firms to address security concerns, maintain compliance, and implement disaster recovery solutions. This means that companies can do away with the constant worry of dealing with unexpected disasters.

Unlock much-needed insights and guard your company against IT disasters of all nature. Prepare for all eventualities with asset management that’s aided by device data agent.

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AssetSonar is an ITAM solution that features a device data agent. It enables companies to track both their hardware and software by putting in place a complete IT asset management system.

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