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IT Asset Management Tool: 5 Ways Your Organization Can Use It To Achieve Digital Enablement In 2021

5 Ways Your To Achieve Digital Enablement In 2021 AssetSonar

Rapid digitalization has radically changed the business landscape across most industries around the world. In order to remain competitive and relevant, more and more organizations are investing in the digital enablement of their businesses.

Organizations that are heavily reliant on IT are especially seeking digital transformation by adopting an IT asset management tool to automate their day-to-day IT processes.

Why is digital transformation critical for your business?

Is your organization still operating on legacy systems in terms of applications, infrastructure, and workplace technologies? According to research by Dell, roughly 701% of all technology applications used by Fortune 5000 companies run in legacy environments built 20, 30, or even 40 years ago.

Using such outdated technology systems means that the aging parts of the IT environment add to more breakdown, security risks, and costs to businesses. On the other hand, adopting the next wave of IT technologies and approaches to keep track of daily IT operations empowers organizations to innovate in the digital world.

About 80% of IT decision-makers believe that not modernizing IT systems will negatively impact the long-term growth of their organization. Therefore, it is clear that legacy technologies will not be able to drive businesses of the future.

Mentioned below are a few ways an IT asset management tool can help you achieve digital enablement this year:

1. From reactive to a proactive approach

By adopting robust IT asset management software, your IT teams will have real-time knowledge of your IT assets and operations. This way, they can identify and mitigate risks before IT systems or solutions are deployed.

When teams are able to conduct internal audits, your organization can achieve sustainability and save a lot of unplanned downtime and overhead costs.

For instance, there are usually dozens of software systems being used by an organization at the same time. Keeping track of their vendors, licenses, warranties, and other information is a tedious task. Not staying up to date on this crucial information can have serious consequences.

By adopting a smart IT asset management tool, you can automate such processes and receive notifications whenever a hardware device needs servicing, or a license expiry date is approaching, etc.

2. Automate IT processes

Why is digital transformation critical for your business

From ticketing to change management, the integration of an IT asset management tool with the rest of your IT infrastructure can help automate complex processes.

A recent survey by Couchbase uncovered that 80% of the digital transformation initiatives fail due to a lack of proper change management protocols.

With an ITAM tool integrated with your ITSM software, you can easily predict the impact of the changes, and plan/schedule tasks to minimize service downtime.

An IT asset management tool can help you optimize and standardize your processes and resources to manage major, standard, minor, or even emergency changes. You will have a complete overview of IT changes with the help of your ITAM software.

3. Reshape your internal communications

Internal communication between teams is integral to organizational success. Lack of communication and transparency leads to siloed information, disrupted or delayed operations, and loss of assets, resulting in bigger overhead costs. With IT asset management software, every end-user will have full visibility on every IT asset — its lifecycle, status, and so on.

Once your organization has adopted a robust IT asset management tool, the end-users will be able to work together, across teams and even line-of-business boundaries to deliver better business outcomes. ITAM tools can heavily influence the success of internal team goals by delivering a high level of effective collaboration.

By adopting and implementing an ITAM tool, you will be able to distribute roles and responsibilities and thus, the agreement, documentation, and communication of these roles will ensure that expectations are set and your organization gets the most out of your IT asset management software.

4. A cloud-first approach

An IBM-commissioned study by McKinsey & Company shows that most enterprises are still only 20% of the way into their cloud journey. Only a minority of the organizations have made the leap to most apps running on the cloud.

With a cloud-based IT asset management tool, you will shift a significant number of IT operations to the cloud which means that you will be able to further your cloud journey. You will have access to real-time data anytime and from anywhere.

You can especially leverage this benefit when most of your employees are working remotely. You’ll still be able to get accurate information about all your IT assets and can manage and leverage data for organizational benefits and to make strategic decisions.

5. Access control for better security

Why is digital transformation critical for your business 1

One of the biggest risks for any software in the cloud is a security breach. A reliable IT asset management tool will enable you to restrict and grant access to assets, licenses, crucial information, and so on based on relevance. This minimizes the risk of a security breach along with eliminating the risk of stolen, lost, or ghost assets.

According to a report by Onelogin, nearly 48% of the former employees have access to corporate applications and 25% of the IT team members take more than a week to deprovision a former employee. This causes a security risk that can be avoided if there is a reliable IT asset management tool in place.

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