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Introducing the New and Improved AssetSonar UI

Introducing the New and Improved AssetSonar UI

The AssetSonar team is excited to announce the launch of our new, fully redesigned interface. Over the past few months, we have listened carefully to our customers and conducted extensive testing to deliver an excellent user experience.

The new design is highly intuitive — it’s easier than ever to navigate the system. You can access essential business information and manage workflows faster with our updated navigation bars. By increasing application efficiency, AssetSonar aims to significantly reduce the time you spend managing your IT assets.

What’s different?

Using valuable customer feedback, we’ve redesigned our dashboard and modules to make them more visually pleasing, accessible, as well as faster and easier to use. Here are some of the highlights:

1. Enhanced dashboard

Welcome to our new dashboard that is designed to simplify your access to information. Fetch and display your required information with just a few clicks and gain critical business insights with a single glance. You can add or edit Widgets to create a fully customized dashboard.

Enhanced dashboard

Also, you can still download our ITAM Discovery Agent right from the dashboard.

Enhanced dashboard1

2. Information-rich KPIs

Our new KPIs are more rich and customizable. Set the desired set of dates and review metrics for that time period. Choose from an extensive range of KPIs and customize your view by adding or removing metrics from the ‘Edit’ button.

Information-rich KPIs

3. The convenient new navigation bar

The updated navigation bar features all asset tracking modules in a single convenient location. Navigate easily between these modules and access the modules faster.

The convenient new navigation bar

4. Simplified item creation

The new quick add button enables you to immediately add items to your account. Select between Asset, Asset Stock, and Inventory. Our top navigation will remain constant throughout the application. This means you can now access the plus button (which rotates when you click), highlighted below, from multiple pages allowing you to add items at any point during your workflow.

Simplified item creation

5. Improved settings

Get to settings faster. Simply click on the new gear icon and select the AssetSonar settings that you want to view.

Improved settings

In addition, we’ve compartmentalized our settings so it’s easier for you to find everything in an instant. Click on a specific section to view its settings right away. You can also type in and search for specific settings using the ‘Explore’ option.

Improved settings1

6. Updated details pages

Our updated details pages enable you to get complete insight and take actions faster in modules across the application. Also, all call-to-action buttons are now conveniently located at the top of the page so you don’t have to scroll to the bottom.

As an example, on the Asset details page, you can view the system details, hardware details, software details, Zendesk tickets, services, and more. Get information or take action by simply clicking the relevant tab on the top bar. Also, easily check-out, reserve, or add an item to cart etc. right from the top of the page.

Updated details pages

6.1 Easily add, import and sync Assets

Likewise, you can skip the scroll and add, import, and synch assets from a top panel on the Items page. The ‘Sync Now’ button updates machine specifications for all Agent-discovered devices in AssetSonar.

Easily add, import and sync Assets

7. Comprehensive help section

Have questions? Simply click on the Help tab available throughout the application and access information relevant to the module you are in. Get answers to most commonly asked questions, access a support blog, or enter a direct query into our extensive knowledgebase.

Comprehensive help section

You can also provide feedback or email our support team from within the application.

Comprehensive help section1

These are just some of the highlights of the new design. We have made extensive changes throughout the application to make your asset tracking easier, faster, and more efficient than ever before.

Feedback on our new UI

We’re waiting for you to explore the new design and tell us how you like it. Reach out to us at with your questions and feedback.

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