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AssetSonar Release Notes August 2021

AssetSonar Release Notes August 2021

AssetSonar’s August edition of the release notes is packed with exciting announcements! We’ve launched a new capability to take direct actions in Zendesk that makes IT service management easier, faster, and more efficient.

You can also get quick insights into high-demand IT equipment for seamless operations, automate issue creation in Jira with ServiceDesk Alerts, assign multiple license entitlements to employees, and streamline your ITAM workflows with our feature enhancements.

Read the complete August 2021 Release Notes to learn more!

  1. Direct Actions in Zendesk

The AssetSonar team has introduced the ability for Agents and Admins to take actions on IT Assets directly from within the Zendesk platform — creating a seamless and highly streamlined experience that will expedite ticket resolution, improve Agent productivity, and enhance your CX delivery.

2. Check Availability

Use the new Check Availability button on the dashboard to quickly check the availability status of frequently used items i.e. IT Assets and auxiliary equipment. Get insights regarding items’ availability status and reservation schedule for conflict-free bookings and take actions on Items right from the dashboard.

3. ServiceDesk Alerts for Jira

You can streamline your problem identification and incident management processes with the new ServiceDesk Alerts for Jira. Automatically create issues within Jira Cloud against the AssetSonar alerts of your preference. Set Assignees and Priority Level for selected alerts within Jira, get more visibility into pending tasks and issues and proactively resolve them.

4. Mass Member Entitlements

This new feature allows you to assign multiple software license seats to a member en masse so you can accelerate the employee onboarding and offboarding processes in cases of mass recruitment or mass transfers in your organization.

5. Auto Checkout enhancements

With the enhanced Auto Checkout, carry out swift checkouts of Devices fetched into AssetSonar via the ITAM Agent as well as integrations with third-party endpoint management solutions. Furthermore, you can edit the pre-populated user recommendation by the system if the intended Custodian of a Device is different from it.

6. Syncing company-owned Devices

Promote the BYOD culture in your organization by distinguishing between company-owned and employee-owned Devices and managing them according to your company policies. Filter out employees’ personal devices from your company’s ITAM database for efficient IT asset tracking.

7. Feature Enhancements

We’re constantly developing our ITAM solution to offer you the best in the market. Our recent feature enhancements include custom attribute mapping so you can map your organizational hierarchy from the Google Workspace User Directory onto AssetSonar and streamline staff rostering. Filter Zendesk tickets by members to find ticket request patterns for specific employees and track Agent productivity. Gain greater control over your user provisioning workflows by assigning a default role to custom roles imported from your Active Directories.

What’s Next?

We also have some exciting features lined up for you in the upcoming quarter.

1. Zendesk App Redesign

The AssetSonar team is excited to announce the launch of its upcoming, fully redesigned interface of the AssetSonar App for Zendesk. Over the past few months, we have been conducting extensive testing to deliver an excellent user experience that is centered around the unique workflow needs of Agents and Administrators.

The new design will be highly intuitive, making it easier than ever to navigate the AssetSonar-Zendesk integration. You’ll be able to access key Assets and directly take advanced actions on them from within the Zendesk platform. By increasing application efficiency, the Zendesk App Redesign aims to significantly reduce the time you spend resolving your issues.

2. Offboarding Workflow

The new Offboarding Workflow will help your IT team to simplify and formalize the employee offboarding process and ensure graceful employee exits. You’ll be able to seamlessly check in Assets, remove license entitlements, resolve tickets, and complete Work Orders that are associated with the leaving employees. Our integration with your Active Directories will also alert you on the real-time offboarding status of such employees within AssetSonar.

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